Charlie Baker’s ever-changing COVID-19 panic mandates

The RINO governor who Dementia Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker” totally rewrote the history of 2020-21 earlier this week.

You probably didn’t realize this, but every calamitous shutdown, lockdown and other police-state overreaches in Massachusetts over the last 18 months had nothing to with the criminally incompetent leadership of state government.

No, they were just … judgment calls.

The RINO governor who Dementia Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker”  totally rewrote the history of 2020-21 earlier this week. It happened when he was asked about former President Barack Obama’s decision to throw himself a birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard for 500 or so of his nearest and dearest billionaire friends.

Barry’s party has since allegedly been scaled down — yeah, right! But Gov. Charlie Baker’s historical revisionism, shall we say, hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention.

He was asked, in essence, what he thought of Barry’s Beautiful People party because … COVID-19.

We all understood that Charlie Parker is way too woke to ever criticize Dear Leader in any way.

But Parker’s memory of the last 18 months in Maskachusetts is nothing short of Orwellian, as in, “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten … .”

Here is Charlie Parker from the Ministry of Truth, misremembering his catastrophic mismanagement of the Panic:

“It’s a judgment call all the way around, but that’s the beauty of judgment calls. We can all make our own decisions about what we think is most appropriate for us.”

Really? Is he saying that we’ve all been allowed to make our own appropriate choices for ourselves here in Maskachusetts?

So churches, just to cite one example, all made a simultaneous “judgment call” to shut down? If it was their own call, Charlie, then why did the churches have to go to court to force you to allow them to reopen?

Governor, was it a “judgment call” for every single golf course in the state to shut down, at least until they hired a lobbyist who had just happened to be the district attorney of Suffolk County when your son was dragged off the Jet Blue flight at Logan Airport, and who then broomed the case over to the U.S. attorney for a good leaving alone?

Judgment calls?

How about the restaurants, bars, veterans’ posts, gyms, barber shops, hair and nail salons, wedding venues, ice rinks, swimming pools, schools, colleges, courthouses, mom-and-pop businesses, etc., etc. – did they all made the exact same judgment call to shut down at the exact same moment?

The reality is, the only “judgment calls” were made by Charlie Parker himself — a pluperfect idiot, as it turned out, with the aid of his inaptly named brain trust including “Dr.” Marylou Sudders and Lt. Gov. Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito.

Tall Deval was very angry when restaurants came up with their own judgment call that his arbitrary requirement to have food on a customer’s table before a drink was served could be satisfied with a bowl of pretzels or potato chips.

Charlie’s judgment call on that judgment call was no pretzels, no chips, no way.

“The people in your venue,” he squeaked, “need to order and eat food if they’re going to order a drink.”

You vill eat your food, nicht wahr! Clean your plate! And that means the peas too.

It was also the governor’s judgment call that Super Bowl parties were pretty much verboten except for members of your own immediate family.

“If you’re going to be with anybody else you know — I know this sounds a little ridiculous — but you should probably keep your distance. You should probably wear a mask and you certainly shouldn’t share food or drink with these folks.”

Halloween 2020 — it was the governor’s judgment call that the comrades were having altogether too much fun. Achtung! Achtung!

“There were just hundreds and hundreds of pictures of parties that went on way into the night where no one was social distancing where people were piled on and all over each other.”

He sternly instructed the folks on what the People’s Republic demanded of its subjects Oct. 31:

“Outdoor trick or treating (is) done with small groups, face coverings and limited interactions between the kids who are making the rounds and the families who are providing treats.”

But the backsliding continued. Some comrades even surreptitiously visited Grandma at Christmas. Which was why the governor put the entire state on double secret probation for New Year’s Eve:

“Don’t share food or drink and if necessary open windows to allow for ventilation. … Please uh don’t host big New Year’s gatherings um at your own home and uh and do try to spend the time uh with people uh you live with and if you do do anything try to do it outside and make it brief and follow the guidelines.”

You know, because it’s always so much fun to have a party outdoors … on Dec. 31.

So these last 18 dismal months of needless state-induced hysteria, panic and economic desolation were nothing but our own individual judgment calls? That’s what the bust-out, forked-tongue governor wants you to believe.

I’m going to call BS on that. That’s my judgment call.

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