Charlie Baker’s COVID dictatorship thankfully ending soon

The world is on fire but that didn’t stop Gov. Charlie Baker and his lame duck Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito from blowing more than $40,000 on their no-masks Christmas party at a posh Back Bay hotel.

The world is on fire but that didn’t stop Gov. Charlie Baker and his lame duck Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito from blowing more than $40,000 on their no-masks Christmas party at a posh Back Bay hotel.

According to his filing last week with the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF), Baker paid the Lenox Hotel on Exeter Street $19,862.47 on Dec. 31 for “staff holiday party.”

Cocktails for coat holders, highballs for hacks. As we used to say at J.J. Foley’s, they owed it to themselves.

On that same day, Pay to Play Polito paid the same hotel $19,862.40 for “travel; lodging.”

Baker, whom Dementia Joe Biden refers to as “Charlie Parker,” dropped another $1,125.88 on “floral expenses” from Winston Flowers on Dec. 31.

Most people are struggling these days to pay their bills, and were at Christmas, too. Thanks Brandon, obviously, but also thanks to the worst governor in the state’s history, Charlie Parker.

Governor, couldn’t that $40,000 you and Karyn shook down from your fellow fat cats have been better spent on, I don’t know, charity maybe?

How about some reparations to those churches that you imperiously shut down for months and months after falling for a plandemic engineered in China that was then ginned up for domestic political purposes?

Tuesday I called the lieutenant governor and left a voicemail asking her to send me a guest list from the party. When the phone didn’t ring, I knew it was Pay to Play.

Ditto, two of Parker’s campaign yes-men — Jim Conroy and John Cook. They likewise didn’t get back to me.

Given Tall Deval’s catastrophic governorship, it’s understandable that the hackerama would want to keep their big party on the QT. But at least one group of celebrants did post some photos of the gala online — the Irish Cultural Center of Western New England.

Karyn was the only guest seen in a mask, and hers was not over her mouth. Instead it was dangling on her left wrist – a fashion accessory, you might say.

Then there was ex-Gov. William Weld, who seemed to be very, very happy, as he always is at this sort of open-bar gathering.

Another attendee: Dan Rivera, the rotund ex-mayor of Lawrence. Hizzoner was in the headlines a lot in 2020 when he announced a big crackdown — no, not on the illegal-alien fentanyl dealers in Lawrence, but instead on people who weren’t wearing masks as part of Parker’s statewide COVID theater.

As a loyal Parker bum kisser, Rivera was soon rewarded with a sweet slot at the public trough — the $235,000-a-year no-heavy-lifting job at something called Mass Development.

In one of the captions from the Irish group, we are informed that “Gov. Baker told us his mother was from the Donegal area.”

Now that’s funny. You probably didn’t know that there were a lot of Congregationalists in Dear Old Donegal.

Meanwhile, Parker spent last week getting slobbering tongue baths from his amen chorus in the Boston media.

On Channel 4 last Sunday, he brushed off the fact that he was not going to be re-elected if he had run for a third term this year.

“I don’t I don’t think at the end of the day when you run for office at the end of the day it’s going to be about a person or an individual.”

No, it would have been about your calamitous record, at the end of the day that is.

“I’ve never had a job that’s as humbling as this one.”

Surely he meant to say “bumbling.”

You know, for almost two years, Parker essentially governed as a dictator. Like most dictators, he made a total hash of everything. Still, though, for Tall Deval, those were the good old days. Nobody dared get out of line, and that was a good thing, as he sees it now, in his political dotage.

“Our two biggest geopolitical opponents, China and Russia, they don’t spend a lot of time fighting among themselves. They spend a lot of time thinking about where they fit and how where they want to be.”

Where they don’t want to be in your dream countries is in the re-education camps, Charlie.

Incidentally, according to these latest OCPF filings, Parker is down to $584,512 in his campaign account. Polito is still sitting on $2,358,047.

So why did she pay seven cents less than Charlie when it came to splitting the Christmas party bill down the middle?

They still have expenses to pay, and refunds to make to gullible supporters who actually believed their lies last fall when they said they were going to seek reelection, despite being down by double digits in the primary polls.

Last month Polito refunded another $8,000 to dissatisfied marks, and Baker made $3,550 in restitution.

Karyn continues to churn through more campaign cash than her boss. On Jan. 4, she dropped $465.38 at Total Wine in Shrewsbury, and the next day she picked up a $1,372.16 tab at Davio’s.

Living well, as they say, is the best revenge.

Charlie’s on vacation this week in Utah — the Beautiful People love Park City this time of year, don’t you know.

But before he fled the People’s Republic, the bust-out governor stopped by the local affiliate of NPR — National Panhandler Radio — where he spoke to another pair of his faithful geriatric retainers. As is his wont these days, Parker tries to identify with his courtiers, again mentioning his age, 65, which easily made him “the kid” in the studio.

“I mean let’s face it I don’t think I’m a lame duck,” Charlie said, lamely. “I’m constantly, people are constantly introducing me in the past tense and I look at them and I say I’m not dead yet.”

That’s what you think, Charlie.

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