Charlie Baker’s catastrophic, far-left governorship teetering

The state Republicans are about to have another shootout in their leaky lifeboat, but how can you tell the players without a program?

The state Republicans are about to have another shootout in their leaky lifeboat, but how can you tell the players without a program?

This latest internecine battle among the 80 GOP State Committee members will come down to people who can’t stand Gov. Charlie Baker, i.e., Republicans, versus those who worship him, i.e., hacks on his state payrolls.

But how do you tell them apart?

To make sure there’s no confusion, my proposal is that Baker’s payroll patriots should all wear masks — to show their obeisance and fealty to the failed governor that Dementia Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker.”

Of course the indoor mask mandate in Maskachusetts ends Saturday, but you know it’s breaking Parker’s heart that he can’t ruin any more lives — at least with any of his preposterous mandates.

What better way for the governor’s overpaid payroll patriots to pay tribute to the hack who has given them such gainful unemployment for so long, while the rest of the state suffered under his idiotic diktats.

State committee members, if you’re for Baker, wear a mask. Keep the scam alive!

The GOP’s masks vs. no masks battle will take place early next month at Apex Entertainment in Marlboro.

The issue at hand is whether or not Parker and his lieutenant governor, Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito, will be tossed off the Committee’s 23-member executive board, along with the party’s two legislative “leaders.”

If the four State House hacks are removed — by a vote of the entire committee — party chairman Jim Lyons will only need 13 of the 19 remaining votes to control everything on a two-thirds vote. If the four hacks retain their votes, they and the other RINO’s on the board can stop Lyons from doing anything … Republican, for lack of a better term.

Granted, this is real inside baseball, but what’s interesting is that this is an early opportunity for Republicans to make a statement on Parker’s catastrophic, far-left governorship.

After 15 months of police-state overreach here in Maskachusetts, the masks and the non-masks in the state GOP truly detest one another.

We know this because of Lyons’ press release this week pointing out the number of elected committee members whom Baker has put on the state payroll.

Lyons’ release quoted two non-hacks on the committee, saying that Baker’s minions “are not necessarily voting for the good of the Republican party, if the vote is at odds with their bosses … As such, those votes are suspect to us.”

You mean, like Laurie Myers at the Sex Offender Registry Board, making $128,063.55 a year? Or ex-Rep. Will Crocker for $75,000? Or all the hacks at the Executive Office of Public Safety, the biggest Baker-Polito hack dumping ground (it runs the corrupt State Police, if you get my drift) — Angela Davis ($130,000), Ryan Chamberland ($96,390) and Jennifer Cunningham ($71,268).

Colleen Maloney works in Baker’s own office for $70,000 — how do you think she’ll vote?

C’mon all you hacks — put those masks back on! Show those damn deplorables who your daddy is.

Who cares if Baker wrecked the economy — none of Charlie’s payroll Charlies missed a paycheck.

Then you have the state reps on the state committee. They have to answer to their “boss,” Rep. Brad Jones, who hands them those big, uh, stipends, for doing nothing.

Put on your Charlie Baker masks and do the right — that is, left — thing for Tall Deval, Reps. Jay Barrows ($98,390 in 2020), Shawn Dooley ($82,505) and Paul Frost ($120,417).

How about Braintree committeeman Matt Sisk — he works for the Norfolk County sheriff, but his wife Meghan is a Parker puppet making $136,148.13 at the public trough. I’m going to bet Matt will be wearing his best N95 mask to the state committee meeting.

Like everything else in politics, it’s all about money. He who controls the committee, even the executive board, is rolling in GOP do-re-mi.

That’s why it was such a setback for Charlie’s non-Republican faction of the Republican Party when they lost control of the state committee in 2017.

When Lyons took over, Baker brought over the committee’s RINO staff, en masse, to the State House.

For his own staff, Parker grabbed on waivers from the state committee Jordan Maynard ($128,710), Anthony Preston ($94,000), Terence MacCormack ($83,113) and Georgia Polemenakos ($60,000).

Not to mention Kristen Hughes, a hack’s hack who is now a clerk-magistrate in the court hackerama. Then there’s Naysa Woomer, from the state committee to the Department of Revenue for $68,187.37 a year.

Meanwhile, two of Baker’s hacks just wrote a letter saying it would be “reckless” to remove their hero from the committee’s executive board. Presumably Parker needs even more time to finish wrecking the Commonwealth — at least until he realizes his dream of raising the state gasoline tax from 24 to 62 cents per gallon.

By the way, those two Baker hacks sent their heartfelt plea for the governor to … the Boston Globe.

As if anyone needed any more proof that Baker and his hacks represent the non-Republican wing of the Republican party.

If you’re for Charlie, keep your mask on, at least until the big meeting June 9.

And be sure to scream at anyone who takes their mask off Saturday. It’s the least you can do … for the governor.

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