Charlie Baker’s blundering climate guy shines light on hypocrisy

When somebody tells you, “I’m not threatening you,” rest assured that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Plus, is the governor leaving us so soon?

When somebody tells you, “I’m not threatening you,” rest assured that’s exactly what he’s doing.

When a pocket fascist publicly announces that he wants to “break your will,” only a fool would assume that is not in fact his plan.

When a payroll patriot brags that he’s getting ready to “turn the screws on” you, you had best prepare to do exactly that to him before he can do it to you.

Meet the pampered puke who made all of the above unhinged threats, on videotape — Driftin’ Dave Ismay, a failed lawyer who blew in from California and now slurps at the public trough as the $130,000-a-year “undersecretary of climate change” for Gov. Charlie Baker.

Ismay now finds himself with one of his Birkenstock-clad little feet on a banana peel and the other in the latest pile of snow that he believes no longer exists because of, you know, global warming, or something.

Personally, though, I hope this very woke Rhodes Scholar doesn’t get fired, because he’s the perfect poster boy for the corrupt administration of the man Joe Biden calls Gov. Charlie Parker.

Driftin’ Dave is more typical of the overeducated bodily orifices Charlie attracts than MSP Sgt. Bryan Erickson, the $186,000-a-year alleged girlfriend-abuser currently locked up in the Rockingham County Jail before yet another court hearing today.

But the main reason I hope Ismay keeps his job is because he’s finally provided a public face for the Baker administration’s biggest planned heist ever — the “Transportation Climate Initiative,” TCI for short.

The TCI is Charlie’s ultimate flim-flam — to keep the hackerama flush with cash in perpetuity by arbitrarily imposing a multi-billion-dollar fuel tax (with no legislative or popular approval) on those plebeians Ismay so despises — “the person across the street, the senior on fixed income.”

You know, those low-rent blue-collar types who own three-deckers in “Eastern Boston,” as Driftin’ Dave describes (I think) East Boston.

It’s such a gargantuan ripoff that it’s hard to summarize in 30 seconds, or was, until Ismay gave us all these sound cuts. The TCI boodle is supposed to go to “climate change” projects — wink wink nudge nudge.

The biggest lie the hacks are promoting is that Tall Deval’s soak-the-poor surcharge would “only” amount to 5-9 cents per gallon.

Remember, these numbers come from the same state government that has admitted to falsifying 65,000 criminal drug-lab tests, and which had to disband an entire troop of the State Police because the “lawmen” were stealing millions of dollars in overtime they didn’t work.

But now you can trust this same sticky-fingered hackerama not to lie about … billions of dollars more in free money to be stolen from seniors on fixed incomes and the people across the street, to coin a phrase.

In the beginning, 13 states were going to get together to rob their citizens in the TCI scam. Every fuel distributor was going to have to buy “emission allowances” to sell energy.

It was nothing more or less than a modern version of the Church’s scam in the Middle Ages — selling “indulgences” to commit sins.

All the left-wing states concocted out of thin air a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) claiming that to reduce emissions by 25% by 2032 would require “only” a 17-cent hike in the gas tax, on top of the current state and federal taxes.

But as the anti-TCI pro-taxpayer groups pointed out last month:

“Most independent observers found this to be overly generous and one study conducted by Tufts University even found that a 25% reduction would require an increase of 38 cents per gallon to achieve the goal.”

Remember, this would be an additional 38 cents on top of the current MA state tax of 24 cents per gallon, plus another 2.6 cents for underground fuel tanks, as well as the 18-cent per federal tax (which is going to be raised by the Democrats).

It was such an outrageous theft that in the end, only 3 of the 13 states signed on to the mega-heist.

Obviously that real 38-cent number was a non-starter, so the hacks in the three greediest states jiggled the figures and suddenly — mirabile dictu! — saving the polar bears would “only” cost 5-9 cents per gallon.

Lies, damn lies and statistics, in other words.

The problem was, until now it’s been difficult to explain the breathtaking magnitude of this TCI rip off.

But now we have Driftin’ Dave Ismay. Roll tape:

“Turn the screws on … the person across the street … break the will of … the senior on fixed income … I’m not threatening you!”

I’m starting to believe Charlie Parker is about to take it on the lam. Word is, he may be lunging for a golden parachute — the CEO’s job at the merged Tufts-Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan, leaving the ruins of the Commonwealth behind to his dreadful lieutenant governor.

And Karyn Polito is 100% on board for jacking up the state gas tax from 24 a gallon to … TCI infinity.

Pay to Play Polito may not realize it yet, but her 2022 running mate has already been picked out for her.

His name is Driftin’ Dave Ismay. How do you like them apples, Eastern Boston?

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