Charlie Baker out to knock Trump, tax motorists to the max

RINO Gov. Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker has three priorities this year:

  1. Dump Trump.
  2. Jack up the state gas tax by 17 cents a gallon, without a vote by either the Legislature or the people.
  3. Elect enough spineless hacks to the Republican State Committee next week to help facilitate 1 and 2.

Tall Deval has made it abundantly clear he’s salivating at the chance to screw the state’s motorists. And last week he was asked who he planned to vote for in the GOP presidential primary on Super Tuesday.

“I’ve said many times,” Baker replied, “I didn’t vote for the president the last time, and I’m not going to vote for him this time.”

Let me ask you this: If you’re going out to support President Trump on Tuesday, what’s the point of simultaneously voting for the payroll patriots of a corrupt pol who both hates the president and is trying to unconstitutionally jack up your taxes?

To fulfill his sinister agenda, Tall Deval’s got a shadowy group sending out totally dishonest mailings to Republicans and independents, trying to slip some real stinkers onto the GOP State Committee.

Fortunately, it’s easy to identify these hacks. If you get a mailing from one of the GOP State Committee candidates, all you have to do is check the return address.

If it says RMGA or Red Massachusetts Grassroots Action LLC, P.O. Box 8010, Boston MA  02114-9998, then the candidate it’s promoting is in the satchel for Trump-hating, gas-tax-raising Tall Deval.

Repeated calls to the governor’s office about RMGA were not returned, but it appears that his enforcers are dropping at least $100,000 into this stupid effort. That’s how much Baker hates Trump and loves higher gas taxes.

On the incorporation papers for RMGA, the principal is listed as a former hack for the late John McCain, another pol who despised our current president. I guess those were qualifications enough for Tall Deval, but the guy told me Tuesday he no longer manages Tall Deval’s dirty-tricks operation.

The RMGA flyers say their hacks want to “Drain the Swamp,” even though that’s where almost all of them live large, on our dime.

Let’s look at some of Tall Deval’s hack candidates, starting with Mary Burns from Lowell. Strangely, considering her political background, she includes a picture of herself with the president, even though Trump-hating Baker appointed her to the UMass Board of Trustees.

Here are some of the political contributions made by swamp-draining Mary Burns: $1,000 to Baker, $2,000 to Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito, $200 to newly-indicted Democrat state Rep. David Nangle, $500 to Trump-hating Mitt Romney, $1,000 to disgraced ex-Lt. Gov. Tim “Crash” Murray, and $500 to the late Mumbles Menino.

No wonder Tall Deval wants Mary Burns for the GOP State Committee! What better way to “End the Democrat of Corruption on Beacon Hill” than by giving cash to indicted and/or disgraced hack Democrats.

How about Laurie Myers of Chelmsford, another swamp drainer who wants to “Root Out Waste, Fraud and Abuse,” presumably not starting with her own state salary of $108,499 a year. Like Mary Burns, she too fights the Culture of Corruption by handing $100 to indicted solon Nangle, not to mention giving money to uber-hacks Baker and Polito.

Angela Davis of Foxboro, she’s got a $128,874 job in the hackerama, but then, she handed $1,100 to Baker and $700 to Polito.

Yep, these are just a few of the reform candidates from P.O. Box 8180, Boston 02114.

They’re all hacked up together, these coatholders whose campaigns are being paid for by the Trump-hating gas-tax-raising governor. Davis, for example, gave $100 to Janet Leombruno of Framingham, who’s also grabbed $3,251.68 from the committee of her BFF Karyn Polito.

Jennifer Cunnigham of Plymouth. She got her $67,695 hack state job the old-fashioned way – with $3,250 to Tall Deval and $3,450 to Polito.

William McKinney makes $113,996 a year in the hackerama. He’s draining the swamp with cash for the two never-Trumpers — $975 for Baker, $270 for Romney.

Ryan Chamberland of Blackstone, $83,218 a year hack, and it only cost him $500 to Baker.

Lisa Barstow of Brookline, $67,393 a year, but then she duked $1,200 to Baker and $800 to Karyn Polito, plus she used to chip in to backstabber Romney.

These are obscure races, but hell, if you’re Republican, you’re probably going out to vote for the president anyway on Tuesday. So do the right thing and vote for anybody who’s not a stooge of the treacherous backstabbing, tax-hiking Tall Deval.

You can figure out all the Baker hacks, as opposed to Republican Republicans, by going to to see who’s running in your city or town.

Or just check the return address on the flyers in your mailbox. If some Baker hack sends you something with the return address of RMGA, P.O. Box 8010, Boston 02114, then just mark one thing on that pamphlet:

Return to sender.

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