CDC director’s ‘impending doom’ tour comes to Boston

Impending doom?

I, too, have a feeling of “impending doom,” as Dr. Rochelle Walensky of the CDC so hysterically screeched on Monday.

But my feeling of impending doom is that after a year of peddling this unrelenting hysteria, the hacks have realized that most people are all done with this phony-baloney Panic.

And so they’re just dialing up the rhetoric, to keep the feeble-minded and the low-info voters terrified. Instead of saying, “The sky is falling,” the prophets of panic porn have begun shrieking “THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!”

In case you’re unfamiliar with Walensky, she’s a good apparatchik, a Deep State mandarin. She follows her orders from the commissars to the letter, no questions asked.

On Feb. 3, for example, she told the press that “there is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely reopen and that safe reopening does not suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated.”

Needless to say, the teachers unions, which are enjoying their endless paid vacations, were horrified. Dr. Walensky was suitably chastened.

On Feb. 15, she did a total 180: “I think we need a lot more resources to get the schools safe.”

In other words, Walensky flip-flopped faster than octogenarian quack Dr. Anthony Fauci did on the question of how many masks you need (zero, one, two or more — he’s recommended all of the above).

In her “impending doom” statement, Walensky seemed to be reciting a script as she claimed to be going off-script.

“Right now I’m scared,” she said. “… As a wife, as a mother, as a daughter, (I want) to ask you to just please hold on a little while longer … we are almost there, but not quite yet.”

Stop me if you’re heard this one before. Fifteen days to flatten the curve. If only everyone would wear masks for six weeks — just six weeks!

If only we could get … COVID tests, ventilators, more beds for the ICUs, social distancing, vaccines … .

And then we get whatever the Cuomos of the world sanctimoniously demanded, ahead of schedule, and guess what … it’s not enough.

We are almost there, to coin a phrase, but not quite yet.

A couple of hours after Walensky read from her unscripted script, Dementia Joe Biden went out to add his own unscripted scripted remarks. Not mentioning the torrent of COVID-19-positive indigent illegal immigrants swarming the southern border, Biden incoherently denounced what he called the “reckless behavior” of U.S. citizens and taxpayers.

“We risk more cases and more desks — deaths,” he thundered.

Then Biden said he was “riterating” (not reiterating, but riterating) his call for governors and mayors to reinstate the mandate to wear masks, which you may recall weren’t going to be required anymore once everyone was vaccinated.

But that was then, and this is now.

However, Dementia Joe did deliver some good news. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

“There are more doors — da, er doses available for seniors this week … In the next three weeks, we’ll add 12 more federally run mass vaccination stites.”

We’d prefer “sites,” Mr. President, but I guess we’ll have to settle for those “stites.”

This “uptick” in cases is designed to change the subject from that worsening disaster on the border. The Border Patrol reports throngs of previously deported rapists, drug dealers and murderers are swarming into the U.S.

In one of the detention centers for illegal immigrants in Texas, the COVID-19 capacity is 250 (down from 1,000), and Biden has jammed 4,000 foreigners in there. Talk about a super spreader.

But the Democrats never use that phrase — super spreaders can occur only at Super Bowl victory parties or during spring break — in Florida, in other words, where not so coincidentally the rates aren’t spiking nearly as much as they are in the states destroyed by failed governors like Baker, Cuomo and New Jersey’s Phil Murphy.

How appropriate that Walensky would begin her “impending doom” tour Tuesday in Boston with … Gov. Charlie Parker, the Pope of Panic Porn.

Did you know that Walensky is a neighbor in Chestnut Hill of Parker’s fired “undersecretary of climate change.” He’s the $130,000-a-year California blow-in who admitted that the Parker administration’s policy is to “break the will” of the middle classes by “turning the screws” on them.

You know, by raising gasoline taxes by 150% … and by keeping the lockdown going.

What sort of political candidates do you suppose Dr. Walensky favors back here in Massachusetts?

According to the Federal Election Commission, last year she gave $1,800 to Dr. Robbie Goldstein, a drifter from New York who ran for Congress against Rep. Steve Lynch, who apparently was unacceptable because he is an Irish Catholic from South Boston.

Goldstein lost and seems to have gone back to running the Transgender Health Program at Mass General. And Tuesday Lynch attended the photo-op with all the other hacks at the Hynes and said how “proud” he was of Walensky, who a few months ago tried to kick him down the stairs.

Typical, but not as typical as Sen. Ed Markey at the same hack event calling Baker “Gov. Bacon.”

This is what Boston politics is all about. Hypocrisy and incoherence. No wonder Walensky floated down to Washington … to keep the scam going.

Impending doom — she was righter than she’ll ever know.

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