Bernie Care- 9.18.17

CHUMP LINE – 9.18.17


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CHUMP LINE – 8.31.16

John Kerry heard about Howie making sport of him on yesterday's show and he is not too happy about it. Trump's trip to Mexico...

Kerry Outdumbs Himself – 8.30.16

Howie can't believe John Kerry's latest remarks on terrorism. Later, the listeners call in to voice their support for Governor Paul LePage. Chris Brown...

CHUMP LINE – 8.30.16

John Kerry is the toast of the Chump Line today after his moronic remarks on terrorism. It is a real double whammy because he...

Divorce or Distraction? – 8.29.16

Howie discusses the latest scandal from the Anthony Weiner saga after Huma announces her plans to divorce the disgraced politician. Other topics include Ann...

CHUMP LINE – 8.29.16

Tom Brady, Bill Clinton and Billy Bulger all get mentioned in today's chump line. But of course the main focus of today's chump line...

Morning Mika’s Meltdown – 8.26.16

Howie discusses Donald Trump's softening on immigration. Other topics include some of Hillary's less than admirable supporters and why the mainstream media doesn't hold...


No fast food chain is off limits in today's blotter. Other stories include a mannequin and a burning car.

CHUMP LINE – 8.26.16

This Chump Line is a great way to end your Friday. Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry all call in to start your...

If You Like Your Epi Pen, You Can Keep Your Epi Pen- 8.25.16

Hillary is not pleased with Trump's latest claim that she is a bigot and she is telling Anderson Cooper all about it. Later, Howie...

CHUMP LINE 8.25.16

Hillary Clinton is definitely the focus of today's Chump Line. Obama's golf game is made sport of and Ted Kennedy needs a drink.

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