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Comey’s October Surprise – 10.28.16

It was a star-studded show as Howie was live with Ann Coulter from the Kowloon restaurant in Saugus, MA. Howie and Ann discuss the...

CHUMP LINE – 10.28.17

  Howie's callers are just as excited as he is that FBI Director James Comey is looking into emails related to Hillary Clinton's misuse of...


Howie talks about one of his favorite subjects, John Kerry. Other topics include Obamacare, Grace's favorite candies and the ballot questions.

CHUMP LINE – 10.27.16

Brooke Baldwin is not guilty in the court of Howie Carr. John Kerry is deciding between being a rapper or a radio star. Howie's...

Republicans Blamed for Obamacare – 10.26.16

Liberals are trying to pin the failures of Obamacare on Republicans! Other topics include Megyn Kelly's on-air fight with Newt Gingrich and Hillary's love...

CHUMP LINE – 10.26.16

One chump line caller thinks Howie is being too harsh on Obamacare. It is a battle of the nasty women.

Surprise! Howie Was Right About Obamacare – October 25, 2016

The White House finally concedes Obamacare will increase premiums. Joe Concha talks with Howie about Trump TV. And the tolls? They're finally coming down......

Howie Interviews Dr. Peter Warinner

Howie discusses healthcare in the United States with Dr. Peter Warinner. The doctor's book "The Art of American Healthcare" is out now.

Joe Biden’s Tough Guy Reputation – 10.24.16

Joe Biden is the toughest guy around...according to him. Other topics include a new segment "Hate Mail Monday", the Clinton foundation and Obamacare.

CHUMP LINE – 10.24.16

The callers have some jokes to crack after Joe Biden's strange comments in regards to fighting Donald Trump. Bob Dylan has a new song...

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