Bernie Care- 9.18.17

CHUMP LINE – 9.18.17


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CHUMP LINE – 9.11.17

There are so many messages about Howie's car...but did it really get damaged by the storm? Want to listen to the entire podcast? Become a...


There is no shortage of hate mail. Howie wrote columns on DACA, Hillary AND Catholics. Needless to say, Grace has plenty of material.

Hurricane Irma Watch – 9.8.17

Howie and Steve are watching this hurricane coverage so you don't have to. Listen to a very informative Friday show. Want to listen to...


Grace is taking the day off but Howie is here to deliver the insane blotter stories of the week!

CHUMP LINE – 9.8.17

Did Howie send Grace to pick up his Lexus? Listen to a hilarious Friday Chump Line. Want to listen to the entire podcast? Become a...

Hurricanes, Howie and Hacks – 9.7.17

Howie discusses everything from Trump's negotiations with Pelosi and Schumer to the hackorama in Massachusetts. Want to listen to the entire podcast? Become...

CHUMP LINE – 9.7.17

One of Howie's pugs is calling in to the Chump Line! Tune in to hear the awesome messages. Want to listen to the entire...

Debt, Dreamers and Dennis – 9.6.17

News includes Dreamers, Dennis Rodman and the debt ceiling negotiations. Want to listen to the entire podcast? Become a VIP Club Member! Already a...

CHUMP LINE – 9.6.17

Hillary might be blaming everyone for her loss, but Bill Clinton calls in to let us know he is doing just fine. Want to listen...

DACA – 9.5.17

It is the day everyone has been waiting for...Trump announced he will be ending the DACA program. Howie discusses this and much more with...

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