Busted Staties Still Collecting

The crooked state trooper du jour is ex-Lt. John Giulino.

This 69-year-old street boss in the racketeering enterprise known as the Massachusetts State Police pleaded guilty in state court Monday to two counts each of fraud, larceny over $250 and making fraudulent claims to employers.

He was ordered to pay $29,108.54 in restitution for money he embezzled from taxpayers, but got no real prison time.

Until now, the corrupt cop has been receiving the same kiss in the mail he’s pocketed every month since March 2018 — a payment of $7,491 from the taxpayers he systemically robbed for years, if not decades. 

He “retired” in March 2018, was indicted in September of that year, and yet has kept his snout firmly wedged in the public trough to the tune of $89,887 a year.

Now Giulino’s plundering should end, as the State Retirement Board begins the lengthy “hearing processes” to permanently strip the MSP fraudster of his ill-gotten gains.

But my question is, why does it take so long? When a motorist gets a ticket from one of these jodhpur-wearing thugs, he’s expected to pay the fine immediately.

Yet these career criminals are permitted to continue fleecing the same law-abiding citizens they’ve been robbing for years, even after they get their slap on the wrist from hack federal and state judges.

Here’s another crooked statie for you: Daren DeJong, age 57, made $200,416 in 2016 but that wasn’t enough for the badge-toting gangster.

DeJong “retired” in March 2018 and has since been collecting $6,283.69 a month, for a total of $75,209.28 a year.

He was arrested by the feds four months later, indicted in September 2018, and pleaded guilty last January. He was supposed to be sentenced in May, which would have ended the payoffs, I mean payouts. But federal Judge Mark Wolf postponed sentencing, suggesting that perhaps the feds should look at whether this crime wave by the state police represents a “conspiracy.”

Of course it’s a conspiracy, Judge, but you’ve really given DeJong a bonus here by not sentencing him. The check for $6,283.69 a month just keeps on comin’ while he, ahem, negotiates with the minions of state AG Maura Healey about ratting out a bunch of other crooked staties from the old Troop E crime family.

Expect the negotiations to be very, very, very lengthy … as long as the corrupt cop is permitted to keep his hand firmly wedged in the cookie jar.

Next, consider the foot-dragging on an MSP thief named Paul Cesan, who stole $29,200 in 2016, a year in which he separated state taxpayers from $163,000.

He “retired” in March 2018 (big month for retirements at the MSP) and began collecting $66,524.86 a year. He was brought into federal court in handcuffs in June 2018, and pleaded guilty to embezzlement in June of this year.

The State Retirement Board immediately announced that his pension payments would be ended, but guess what — they weren’t. His kiss in the mail wasn’t halted until last month, and I’m guessing the delay has something to do with the fact that 40% of his pension was going to “court-ordered monthly benefit payments to a related payee.”

Hmmmm. Do you suppose, say, an ex-wife has the right to appeal when her crooked cop spouse is (finally) stripped of his pension? Whatever, the crooked gravy train is finally over for Cesan.

A couple of other corrupt staties you may be wondering about: Lt. David Wilson of Charlton, convicted, sentenced to one day in prison “deemed already served,” $12,450 restitution. Like the rest, Wilson filed for retirement in March 2018, and was allowed to collect $8,791 a month ($105,492 a year) until November — five months after his sentencing (to a day in prison “deemed already served”).

Greg Raftery at least did a few weeks in Club Fed. He, of course, “retired” in March 2018 and then began grabbing $6,017 a month until March 2019 — the same month he was sentenced.

The State Retirement Board seems to be on the level, they just move very slooooooowly, although not nearly as slow as the bent MSP.

State police policy is to look the other way on all forms of corruption, whether it’s cops exposing themselves, or driving drunk, or brawling in Vegas, or destroying incriminating payroll records, or improperly accessing the CJIS system to get driving information on a) troopers, b) Massport employees and c) local TV anchor cupcakes, all of whom happened to be females.

Those infractions get you fired from any police force that hasn’t morphed into a racketeering enterprise. But that statie who was illegally trolling women actually got a promotion, until he was forced out in a different MSP scandal. He’ll never lose his obscene pension.

And yet the politicians refuse to do anything about the most corrupt police force in America this side of the FBI. Two words sum up the hacks’ reluctance to crack down on this crime wave.

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