Meet BU’s Next President, Gates-Funded Abortion and Sexuality Scientist

I suspect the Commonwealth Avenue Planned Parenthood is elated for Gilliam’s arrival.

After the retirement of Robert A. Brown, Boston University held the traditional nationwide search for its next president, with a very predictable result—Melissa L. Gilliam.

She will be the first woman to hold the position as well as the first African American.

Henry Rogers, as Ibram X. Kendi was once known, is no doubt over the moon. It’s a triumph for, uh, anti-racism.

But like fellow BU alumnus Martin Luther King, Jr., let us look beyond the color of Gilliam’s skin and instead judge her by the content of her character.

Up to this point, Gilliam’s career has teetered on that of a B-movie mad scientist.

Gilliam’s most recent—and tamest—role was Ohio State University. Unlike some with the word “provost” on his or her office door, lazily cashing an enormous paycheck for nonexistent responsibilities, Gilliam kept her foot on the pedal. She focused her work on issues of college access, affordability, and debt reduction. While these buzzwords likely mean racial quotas and lavish government handouts, one might be able agree to disagree with Gilliam. Maybe.

Prior to her time at Ohio State University, Gilliam held many long-winded titles at the University of Chicago, including Ellen H. Block Distinguished Service Professor of Health Justice. She was the founder of the Center for Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Innovation in Sexual and Reproductive Health, in addition to being the leader of the Program in Gynecology for Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults.

She was also the Dean of Diversity and Inclusion for the Biological Sciences Division and a professor of obstetrics and gynecology.

A rule of thumb to remember in modern academia (as well as in the “non-profit” and government bureaucracies): the more diminutives in your job title, the lighter the actual work load of the (tenured) position.

Your question is: What exactly does Melissa Gilliam spend her time doing?

Long story short, Gilliam is responsible for promoting abortion and the hyper-sexualization of youth.

In 2017, Gilliam and her colleagues published a paper describing their studies on female reception to contraception among Third World Ethiopian refugees. Despite their “unmet needs” and constant efforts to expand availability of long-acting contraceptives, these “high risk” women opt out due to cultural values American scientists just cannot seem to understand.

The year prior, Gilliam spent much of her time aiming to “solve” teen pregnancy—in other words, exploring abortion of babies growing in teen mothers. She monitored pre-abortive communication, the use of “abortion doulas,” and post-abortive contraceptive uptake.

Such studies required abortions for hundreds of women so that Gilliam and her colleagues could put them under a microscope, analyzing everything from pre-abortion conversations to pain levels in surgery.

I suspect the Commonwealth Avenue Planned Parenthood is elated for Gilliam’s arrival.

When Gilliam isn’t preying on Ethiopian women and first-trimester infants, she is designing hyper-sexualized curricula for eighth graders. She and some comrades created game-based modules to implement engaging “sexuality education” (deviant indoctrination) in a Chicago classroom through role playing activities and card games.

One 2016 study utilized alternate reality to present this “sexuality education” to teenagers. What could possibly go wrong?

Parsing through study after study of perversion, one might guess correctly that Gilliam’s research has been funded by the usual suspects including the National Institutes of Health and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Yet for some reason, excitement still exudes from the BU School of Theology—King’s alma mater, though he likely wouldn’t recognize it these days.

To many alumni, Boston University is not the same school today as it was even a few decades ago. Does anyone else remember BU President John Silber? And he was the Democrat nominee for governor in 1990!

From his palatial digs on Bay State Road, Dr. Silber would publicly ruminate on why non-English-speaking people from “tropical climes” were suddenly arriving in the Bay State and not seeking employment. Daily he would unleash his “Silber shockers.” He came thisclose to being elected governor.

There wouldn’t be much of a place at BU for a John Silber these days. They wouldn’t just cancel him, he could never be hired in the first place.

Beyond the “F” on her birth certificate and her skin color, Melissa L. Gilliam is exactly who academic elite want such an influential position. The main roles of university president are leadership and advancement (a.k.a. bringing in money). She’ll prove beneficial in both regards.

Gilliam herself has described her leadership style as “listening.” She’ll prove easily malleable to BU’s board, donors, elected officials and research partners.

Gilliam is a politically engaged, abortion-advocating gynecologist. Her network in Deep State bureaucracy and Gates-funded science endeavors is bound to be vast. Her vocabulary is equipped in the euphemisms of Leftist academia.

Until she gets the nod for a Cabinet role from a President Fauci or the like (God forbid), Melissa L. Gilliam is going to be quite the asset for the Boston University of today, one that is so devastatingly far gone.

Goodbye John Silber, hello Melissa L. Gilliam.

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