Walshe Should Have Been Behind Bars. These Court Documents Prove It.

Pre-sentencing memoranda for Brian Walshe, whose wife Ana is missing since Jan. 1. He pled guilty to running art scams on 3 continents but has yet to be sentenced. When wife disappeared, he was under “house arrest” in Cohasset.

These 2 memoranda give you some more background than you’ve probably read or seen thus far.

First the government’s statement, asking 30 months in prison:

Then Walshe’s attorney, Tracy Miner, offers his plea. (She used to be lawyer for Zip Connolly, convicted Mob hitman who moonlighted as an FBI agent. He was freed from prison in FL in early 2021 with the assumption that he would die within a year. Guess what — the crooked cop/hitman is still alive and kicking.) Check it out:

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