It’s a Bizarro World in Massachusetts Now

Will the last person with a real job – American or otherwise – please turn out the lights?

On Monday afternoon, the legislature approved yet another handout for the illegal aliens swarming into Massachusetts for a free ride forever – in-state tuition at public colleges, which after all the scams will in fact amount to free tuition.

This latest boondoggle will cost the working-class, law-abiding citizens of this state millions of dollars, on top of the billions in welfare that we already lavish on the ungrateful, vacationing Third World freeloaders.

But hey, we can afford it, right? Just make the “millionaires” pay!

A few hours later, after this latest welfare bonanza for foreign criminals, the official religious tract of the Massachusetts Democrat party, the Boston Globe, ran a lead editorial with this headline:

“Massachusetts can’t handle the influx of migrants on its own.”

Huh?!? Surely some mistake here. You mean we’re running out of pesos for our new undocumented Democrats?

If there’s a burden somehow with providing upwards of five billion dollars a year to import hundreds of thousands of unskilled, non-English-speaking, often-disease-ridden Third World indigents, then why would the Democrats want to give these people yet another reason to come and flop here?

Before the latest free-money-for-illegals grift was rubber-stamped, a Republican state rep stood up and made the obvious point.

“This is another incentive,” Rep. Paul Frost of Auburn said, “to encourage more illegal immigration to the Commonwealth, that the taxpayers and the residents of Massachusetts will have to subsidize.”

If it’s so obvious that even the Globe realizes the state can’t afford to subsidize lifelong vacations for every loafer in the Third World, then why did the Democrat legislature approve yet another new handout?

In their day-late-and-a-dollar-short editorial, the Boring Broadsheet mentioned “the recent outbreak of a respiratory illness at an Everett hotel where nearly 300 families are staying.”

Respiratory illness? What about leprosy? It’s back. Celebrate diversity.

As for the free tuition (which is what it amounts to), it’s supposed to only be for illegals who went to high school here. I’m sure those restrictions can and will be worked around.

For example, consider Olguens Joseph, who is now charged with the hit-and-run killing of a four-year-old boy in Hyde Park. He is accused of “operation of an unregistered/uninsured motor vehicle.” I wonder why Olguen’s car was unregistered? Did he think he was a Boston city councilor?

Will Olguens Joseph be eligible for free tuition at one of the state’s fourth-rate public “universities?”

This latest bonanza for the non-working classes was promoted as “tuition equity.”

But there’s one group of students for whom there is no equity, and that’s out-of-state Americans. The tuition for UMass-Amherst next year is $17,364 for in-state students, and $39,300 for out-of-state students.

Think of it this way: If you live in New Hampshire and work in Massachusetts, you pay income tax here. But your kid would have to pay more than double the in-state tuition to attend ZooMass. And an illegal alien, who sneaked into the country and whose family has been on welfare ever since (like the Tsarnaevs, to cite just one example), gets to go for free.

More irony: an “international” student – meaning a legal alien – is charged even more to go to UMass, $39,722. But an illegal alien – the doughnut.

But again, just as all illegals will miraculously qualify for the same kind of total free rides they’ve been enjoying since they dog-paddled across the Rio Grande, some New Hampshire residents will no doubt qualify for total scholarships in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

For instance, consider Jose Galindo Mendoza, who has lately been flopping in Canterbury NH.

On Sunday morning, at 12:30 a.m., Senor Mendoza came to the attention of Troop D of the New Hampshire State Police as he was traveling northbound on I-93 in Concord – in the southbound lanes.

The amigo was arrested and charged with reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, open container and, wait for it, operating without a license.

C’mon down, Jose! Welcome to UMass! What an addition he’ll make to the annual “Blarney Blowout.”

It really is Bizarro World in Massachusetts now. Everything is totally upside down. Lawful behavior is punished, illegal behavior is rewarded. Again, look at the Boston City Council.

On Sunday, the city of Boston was like the Wild West. Shootouts, stabbings, general mayhem. And guess how Mayor Michelle Wu responded Monday.

She banned the use of fossil fuels in new city-owned buildings. Yeah, that should help to restore law and order to the streets.

This is the same mayor who in April played the piano at Symphony Hall – the same night rival crews were shooting it out on Dot Ave, ducking behind cars as they fired at their rival gangbangers, all recorded by surveillance cameras.

Kinda like Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

Meanwhile, to repeat what everyone who’s been paying attention now knows – 1100 taxpaying Americans are fleeing Massachusetts every week. That’s 1100 law-abiding Americans who speak English, pay taxes, work for a living, aren’t on welfare and aren’t killing kids in hit-and-run accidents.

The old joke is, Will the last American leaving Massachusetts turn out the lights?

Now maybe it should be changed:

Will the last person with a real job – American or otherwise – please turn out the lights?

Or maybe leave them on – Olguens and Jose may be in the kitchen, looking for some more free eats.

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