Big week for Climate Wealth in the Commonwealth

Oh my!  It was a big week for Gov. Maura Healey.  She got to sign the biggest supplemental budget in our state’s history on the same day the Department of Revenue reported that tax collections are down for the fiscal year.  Healey attended the Army-Navy football game despite displacing veterans from their hotel rooms for illegal aliens on welfare.  And Healey announced her long-term economic development plan. 

She should go back to jetting around the country. 

You know it is not good news when the Healey economic goals are “affordable, competitive, and equitable.”  Just look at how Bidenomics has turned out!  As you may suspect, the Healey plan doesn’t once mention tax reform or relief which is the biggest deterrent to businesses establishing in Taxachusetts. 

So how is Healey going to revive our sagging economy?

The first order of business is “first-class public transportation.”  I guess hiring 1000 new hacks for the MBTA did not fix the system.  The last estimate on repairing the MBTA was $23 billion! Where’s that money coming from? Of course, this climate-change nut of a Governor wants us out of our cars, so I bet drivers will be paying more to fix the MBTA nightmare. 

Our Governor wants the Commonwealth to be a “global leader in climate change technology.”  More specifically, her plan calls for “working with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to create the world’s leading climate-tech ecosystem.”  Why has the Climate Change Czar been left out? Like first class public transportation, I dread how much this is going to cost us and which modern conveniences will be outlawed.

Improving tourism is another part of her plan. That’s not crazy. However, there are a couple problems with pushing tourism. Our state just had a moment in the sunlight by hosting the Army-Navy game for the first time. Unfortunately, the news reported on how veterans were bumped from hotels for illegals.

That would not give ordinary tourists much comfort when they think about booking a room here.  There is also the problem that most of the moderately priced rooms have been gobbled up by the Healey administration for years to come. Unless a tourist wants to stay at the Ritz, there is no room for them. So does Healey only want rich tourists here? How is that equitable?

Of course, there are investments in her plan. Her press release says, “The administration will continue to make strategic investments in infrastructure, especially in areas like Gateway cities, and launch a new focus on rural communities.”  So if you live in towns such as Pembroke, Stoughton, Wrentham, Sterling, Stoneham, you are getting the shaft.  “Strategic” means equitable in liberal speak. “Gateway” means lots and lots of illegal aliens. 

I have read her plan several times. I cannot find a single thing to close to making Massachusetts more affordable as she claims her plan will do. She is not lowering taxes. She is not reducing fees or regulations. She is not tackling the high costs of utilities. But she is spending a lot more money – “investments,” as they call it. Investments in the non-working classes, which are flocking into the state for obvious reasons (a free ride, especially if you’re an illegal from the Third World) at the expense of the law-abiding working classes, who are fleeing.

A society always gets more of whatever its government subsidizes. Likewise, a society gets less of what it taxes. We are about to get another textbook example of that ancient, obvious adage right here in Massachusetts.

It is not a matter of whether Healey will raise yet more taxes on the ever-dwindling number of productive citizens in the Commonwealth. The only question is which ones.

Brace for impact.

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