Biden’s superhero status tilts totally left

Dementia Joe Biden, in case you haven’t heard, is “a bit of superhero.”

Dementia Joe Biden, in case you haven’t heard, is “a bit of superhero.” He’s a veritable phoenix rising from the ashes. In the White House, Brandon engages in “Socratic dialogues” with his slobbering sycophants.

This is state-run media trying to make chicken salad out of chicken you-know-what.

They churn out hagiographies of Democrats when they’re not busy making up crap about Republicans, like “nuclear secrets” at Mar-a-Lago, or See-BS News accusing Trump of lying about corrupt G-men stealing his passports in Palm Beach. (They did, of course.)

Now it’s time for our occasional look at the Comeback Kid’s … Socratic dialogues. As usual, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

Since last time, Biden’s been all over the place. After the floods, he visited Kentucky, or as he called it, “Kenduckly.”

In the Bluegrass State, the president tried to give out some phone numbers — always a bad idea for Brandon.

“If you’re a survivor and you need and you have any all service go to 1 800 621-3362, 1 800 621-3333 excuse me 1 800 621-3362.”

On a brief trip to Fall River, Biden totally bollixed the name of US Rep. Jake Auchincloss, and even more unforgivable, he misgendered the Little Boy Blue Congressman.

“Congressman Auchincloss-sauce. Where is she? There you go Jake!”

Then he called out Gina McCarthy, whom he described as “a Massachusetts navy — native.”

Lotta problems for Dementia Joe with proper names and places — “Sen. Mark Rubio,” “Glasgow, England.” And also just words in general.

Speaking on the issue of burn pits, Biden said much of what was incinerated was “jet fool,” which produced “toctic substances.”

Brandon cannot read the teleprompter, or the briefing book, or whatever. He’s supposed to say “corporations” and it comes out “corporate nations.” Cornerstone becomes out “comerstone.” He’s supposed to read “Kansas,” but instead he says “Congress.”

He promoted the just-passed CHIPS bill in this way:

“This law funds the entire summer-condickter supply summer semiconductor supply chain.”

He welcomed two new nations to NATO — Sweden and some place called “Finyan.”

You may not remember this — I know I certainly don’t — but Dementia Joe has taken to bragging about how much money he personally presented to Americans.

“We were able to send them a check for eight grand. I mean a check. One beyond that by the way there was more than that. But if you’re making 120 grand and you a check for 8 grand that’s a lot of money.”

I guess my check for $8,000 was lost in the mail. Incidentally, all the “fact-checkers” employed by state-run media must have been off that day, because nobody called out Brandon on his whopper.

Sometimes Brandon’s care-givers have given him a list to read. It never ends well, as when he tried to enumerate his 2020 campaign goals.

“One was beating the opioid epidemic. Two was tackling the mental health crisis as a consequence of the pandemic. Three was ending cancer as we know it which we’re gonna do come hell or high water again. And three, supporting our veterans.”

One-two-three-three. May we quote on that, Mr. President? And by the way, if you’ve already ended cancer, why do we have to do it “again?”

Brandon has also claimed recently that “banking personnel” told him we’re not in a recession.

A few more of Biden’s recent greatest Socratic dialogues:

“We’re on the cusp of passing the most important step we can pass to take Congress help Congress help us lower inflation.”

“The weather may be beyond our control for now but it’s not beyond our control.”

“The best thing we can do right now is put our economy in a better position to make the transition to stable steady growth for its for Congress to uh uh and it steady stable growth is for Congress to act it’s the best thing we can do.”

“Millions of Americans have used Paxlovoid, Paxlovid excuse me, Pax-LO-vid I tell you what, I I I think I used it. Pax-LO-vid. Including me.”

“I literally can remember sitting in my mom and dad’s dining-room table.”

“I can’t drive a vehicle while I’m vice president while I’m president any more than I could when I was vice president.”

“It has it has added to the benefit it has the added benefit of creating tens of thousands of good-paying additional good-paying jobs.”

“The right granted by the Second Amendment are not unlimited.”

“We’ll always honor the bravery and selfishness selflessness.”

“And I promise a promise I made during the campaign and one which that I have one that I have kept.”

“My plea is, put tolitics aside, get it done.”

“In the House I thank Pete uh Speaker Pelosi and Steny Hoyer.”

“I’ve flown over uh thousands of acres of fire of forest that’s burning.”

“Our objective are focused on our our excuse me are focused, realistic and achievable.”

“Helping you do that is my job, it’s the president’s job as well.”

“Seven Nobel laureates in economy, in the econom on- on- on the economists on the economics I should say.”

“Less than one percent of you risk everything to protect 99 percent of the population one percent risk 99 percent we owe you.”

“As I said last night last month.”

“They’ll meet every NATO crime every requirement we’re confident of that.”

“This nearly unanimous bipartisan ramification rami- ratification sends another important message.”

“Health care crisis is you know it it’s it’s just hard for me to ever under understand how they think this health care crisis is women can’t get can’t choose can’t get an abortion.”

“I remember being briefed on it in 19 and 20 2016 when I was vice president.”

“And I’m we’re here I gonna we’ll hear directly ask about the outlook uh for their business.”

“Do I sign this order now?”

“In a decisive vote in a decisive victory voters made it clear.”

Enough of Brandon’s Socratic dialogues for the day. Waiter, can I get me a cup of hemlock here? Make it a double.

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