Biden’s Roaring 20s has U.S. swinging into Socialism

I never thought a single President could fundamentally shift the direction of our country towards socialism as Barack Obama did.

Due to the Biden administration, I am heavily investing in Tylenol PM. 

I never thought a single President could fundamentally shift the direction of our country towards socialism as Barack Obama did.

After our four-year reprieve, the nightmare is now on steroids with Joe Biden in the Oval Office or trying to find it.  Due to his complete and total failure in Afghanistan, the world and the voters, who did not like Trump’s tweets, can no longer ignore Biden’s incompetency.  They are “unexpectedly” shocked. 

As people are glued to their phones and televisions watching the horror Biden has caused in Afghanistan, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called Congress back into session to consider the $3.5 trillion spending package.

Is this the Democrats using a good crisis to covertly pass this binge spending while everyone is consumed by the slow-motion car wreck happening in the Middle East?  I think so.

Please pass the Tylenol!

Our country is $28 trillion in debt.  Each taxpayer owes $227,000 to the federal government to pay down this debt.  This doesn’t include the debt of our state and local governments.  Of course, liberals like Elizabeth Warren say just tax the rich to pay for everything.  There are not enough rich people in the nation to pay down our debt.

Our debt is so large now that it surpasses gross domestic product (GDP) by 125 percent, which means a thriving economy is unlikely to grow us out of this mess.

The interest payment on this massive debt is $15,200 per person.  According to the U.S. Debt Clock, the average person pays $11,000 in federal taxes each year.  Just on interest payments, our nation is $4000 underwater, per person, annually.  If this was our personal finances, we would be filing for bankruptcy.

Never mind the Tylenol PM.  I need Advil Migraine. 

All these amounts are before Biden, Pelosi and Schumer squander another $3.5 trillion we don’t have. 

The $3.5 trillion doesn’t account for the havoc the bill is going to cause on our economy as they try to implement crazy stuff from the Green New Deal. Feel the pain yet?

Liberals will try to justify this excessive spending as a boost to the economy because it will pay for infrastructure.  Do you remember Obama’s fake shovel-ready jobs? This is an even bigger hoax. Less than 25% is being spent on infrastructure.  The rest of the spending is going to ‘human infrastructure’ which is welfare money for the social justice warriors to push us further towards socialism. 

We need to be paying attention to both the disaster in Afghanistan and the bankrupting of our nation that is happening simultaneously.  

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