Biden’s economy has turned to excrement

As the stock market craters and inflation rages, it’s reassuring to know that we have a numbers guy in the White House, someone who can don the green eyeshades and read a spreadsheet flawlessly.

As always, Dementia Joe Biden is somewhat confused, so let’s get right to it.

Let’s start with the US economy, which like everything else he and the Democrats have touched has turned to excrement.

But Joe knows how to handle inflation: just print more money.

Here is Brandon on CNN the other night. As usual, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“We passed 368 billion dollars worth of help which as the same bankers talk about is going to bring a billion a trillion 780 million dollars billion dollars off the sidelines in investment.”

Can we quote you on that, Mr. President?

“Two words: Made in America. Made in America! And that’s not hyperbole. I’m not joking about that as you know!”

That may be Brandon’s most unforgettable recent statement. Or perhaps it was when Dementia Joe asked if a deceased Congresswoman was in the audience – “Jackie are you here? Where’s Jackie?” Or when he claimed that  his son “lost his life in Iraq.” (Actually he died at Walter Reed Hospital.)

As the stock market craters and inflation rages, it’s reassuring to know that we have a numbers guy in the White House, someone who can don the green eyeshades and read a spreadsheet flawlessly.

“Since I came to office our economy has created 10 million jobs – 668 manufacturing jobs.”

That many, Mr. President? Almost 700 new manufacturing jobs? Are you sure about that?

“We’ve already created already created over 628 years uh 38,000 uh manufacturing jobs since I’ve been president.”

Okay, let’s forget the jobs. How about all the funny money you’ve been printing? What exactly is going on here?

“It’s a game changer. One trillion 300 200 billion dollars in infrastructure…”

Then there was Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida. Brandon instantly morphed from numbers-cruncher into America’s meteorologist. He delivered this forecast:

“We’re not sure exactly where it’s going to hit but we’re it’s getting pretty clear exactly where it’s going to hit.”

Yes, but what are the government’s plans as to how to handle people fleeing the path of the storm?

“Evacuations have already been called for and I they’re apparently going on fairly orderly in a fairly orderly way in each of the three cities.”

And of course, the federal government was there to assist.

“I immediately approved the expi- the expited disaster declaration providing individuals with public assistance on public assistance to help their communities recover as well.”

He cannot read the teleprompter, or even his notes. During his (taped) interview on CNN, he dropped his note cards. The Democrat operative who used to work for Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law picked them up for him.

But Brandon was completely flummoxed from that moment on, calling the preposterously titled Inflation Reduction Act “the Inflation Act,” which is what it actually is.

In recent days, he has called the Childcare Tax Credit “the Childtare Cax Credit.” For insulin he read “insolence.” He confused “served” and “saved.” He reads “thank” for “think.” The word construction comes out as “con-chuck-tion.” He mangles entrepreneurs as “enterentrepreneurs.”

He tries to say smart phones but it comes out “smart forms.”

He bemoans “the devastating inflex of cimate change.”

As inflation rages, Dementia Joe still claims, incoherently, that printing more money is the solution, bragging about his Inflation Act, er, the Inflation Reduction Act:

“This law will cut costs for families help reduce inflation at the kitchen table the way we always measured inflation my my dad was was a graceful hardworking guy he worked uh he he worked a lot his whole life and my dad used to say he used to talk about whether if inflation or whether the situation a family had breathing room was whether at the end of the month when you paid all your bills did you have little bit left?”

Not if you work for a living. The only ones who have anything left now are Brandon’s voters, because they’re all on welfare.

More of Biden’s Greatest Hits, October edition:

“How do you go undergo that?”

“I met with my competition council made up of my cabinet and and those who work with the cabinet they’ve changed they’re charged with promoting compensation across our economy competition I should say across our economy.”

“It has only not only do people need to know what they should be eating what they should be eating.”

“Leaders like you are helping the next generation live authentic voice.”

“Even those of you who are not here who are who are here are not disabled you feel in your gut you know there’s basic decency and fairness.”

“There’s also bright spot where America is reasserting its power where America is reasserting Americans are reasserting themselves.”

“Cabinet Secretary Deb Haaland who is Interior Secretary of Interior.”

“I’m not sure I would have understood how important this was has I not gotten to seen see the parks.”

“Well I the bill produced I introduced said we’re gonna reduce the cost of insulin.”

“What I’ve seen happen now is they’re figuring out everybody’s figuring out that the supply chain and only on-time purchases is a big problem now we’re figuring out if it’s made in America, we’re gonna, invented in America it’s made in America.”

At the end of the slobbering CNN interview, the Democrat operative with a press pass asked Brandon, basically, if he was too old to be president.

“Look what I’ve gotten done. Name me a president in recent history that’s gotten as much done as I have in the first two years. Not a joke! You may not like what I got done but the vast majority of the American people do like what I got done?”

You really think so, Brandon? We’ll know for sure 25 days from now.

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