Biden’s assisted-living facility is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The incoherencies, gaffes and general buffoonery has been piling up so fast at the assisted-living facility at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that it’s time for another midweek edition of Weekend at Biden’s.

The incoherencies, gaffes and general buffoonery has been piling up so fast at the assisted-living facility at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that it’s time for another midweek edition of Weekend at Biden’s.

Most recent attention about the ongoing catastrophe at the White House has focused on “Afghanistant” – as Dementia Joe Biden called it last week. Even the far-left New York Times is now fact-checking Biden. (Verdict: two “misleadings,” one “false.”)

But Biden’s “cognitive decline,” as his condition is now generally described, isn’t restricted to foreign affairs.

If you want one moment that sums up the utter chaos of the Biden regime, consider Monday when Dementia Joe was standing in front of a backdrop that said, in at least five different places, VACCINES.GOV.

And Joe kept babbling at the television audience, “Go to,”

Well, I guess it’s a slight improvement over his earlier exhortations to visit “vaccines.gum.”

But it’s not just about Afghanistan(t) and the Panic, Dementia Joe has also had to deal with the tropical storm Henri.

Let’s start with his disastrous Sunday press conference, when Dementia Joe forgot the name of his new FEMA director.

As always, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

“I can’t think of anyone better to lead this operation than than uh uh Deanna … uh Gree – Criswell of uh FEMA….”

He also called her “Ms. Griswold,” as in “Clark Griswold,” the Chevy Chase character in the old National Lampoon Vacation series of movies.

In the true spirit of the National Lampoon, Biden continued, “She was one of the key federal officials leading our response to supertorm superstorm Sandy.”

He then said that FEMA was “ready to serve as as as move in as soon as is feasible.”

Biden next urged citizens to lay “battery-powered radios in case of extended power hourages power outages.

“And don’t forget,” he added, “you may need to sheik shelter while you’re uh battling the delta vi-variant.”

Not seek shelter, but “sheik” shelter.

Every week, he is less and less able to comprehend what his caregivers instruct him to read on his teleprompter. As Biden speaks, secure comes out as “segure.” Negotiated is rendered as “degogiated,” fiancé as “fi-ants.” He repeatedly slurs government as “gum’ment.”

Security becomes “scrutiny,” efficacy turns into “efficiency.”

If Dementia Joe were a weekend TV news anchorman in a mid-sized market, he’d be put out to pasture. He’s waaay past his expiration date. But Biden can’t be fired… can he?

After all, he is president, God help us, so people still listen carefully when he says:

“I just got a lengthly briefing from my COVID team and here’s the lettuce latest we’re still in a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

He speaks for the nation as he addresses the troops:

“I want to offer my profound thanks to our service members on the ground in Kabul and to all those who are welcoming and carrying and caring for those evacuees.”

He announces deals with foreign entities:

“I’ve secured agreements and we’ve secured agreements with Gulf cent — excuse me uh uh across the Gulf in Central Asia.”

So Mr. President, you got a deal with Gulf? What’s next — Exxon Mobil? Or Sunoco or BP?

One of Biden’s many problems is that he doesn’t recognize his mental limitations, never has. Take Megan Rapinoe – please. Trump talks about her, but uses the same terms as most people. He calls her, dismissively, “the woman with the purple hair.”

Biden, on the other hand, tried on Monday to remember her name. It went just about the way you’d expect.

“Megan uh uh excuse me Megan….”

Nowadays he does most of his bungling on the ongoing catastrophe in Kabul. Dementia Joe is just trying to put a shine on that sneaker:

“Among the many Americans we evacuated were 169 Americans who over the got over the wall into the airport using military assets.”

It’s a difficult mission, Afghanistan(t). Fortunately, Joe has a firm grasp on the chaotic situation.

“So it is a process to try to figure out how we how we uh deal with the mad rush of non-Americans, those who didn’t help, those who are not on the priority list, just any Afghan any Afghan to be able to get out of the country and so my guess is that no matter what under what circumstances we any anyone there’s not a whole lot of Afghanis uh there’s a whole lot of Afghanis that just assume come to America whether they’re any involvement with the United States in the past at all rather than stay under Taliban rule or any any so what I was saying is that we have an agreement that they will let pass through the checkpoints that they the Taliban control and let the Americans through.”

A few more of Joe’s Greatest Hits, late August edition:

“So now we’re furrcused focused on what is possible.”

“The first part of your question is I can’t remember now.”

“Let me say this as parents to the parents.”

“We saw a record number of vaccinations – more than one million shots a day for three state for three straight days.”

“Today I’m calling on more country more companies I should say in the private sector.”

“If you’re a business leader, a nonprofit leader, a state or local leaver.”

“I know that parents are concerned about COVID-19 cases among their children. I’ll be ‘dressing this soon with Secretary Cardona.”

May we quote you on that, Mr. President?

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