Bidenomics triggers shrinkflation

Gas, groceries, Whoppers all climb in price the longer he’s in office

I filled up my car on the lower Cape Tuesday night. The price was $3.93 a gallon.

You know what I call that? A bargain!

Because Bidenomics is working, dammit. That’s all they’re talking about in state-run media, how the US economy is just plain humming. It’s mourning, er morning again in America.

Because of inflation, the average American family is spending $709 a month more than in January 2021, so let the good times roll, baby.

Someone on the hard-left network known as MSDNC says that Brandon should run for re-election on his inflation numbers. The most recent national poll showed that the regime’s economic policies have 36% approval.

Raising the obvious question, who are these 36% of the population who are happy?

The far-left Democrats always have an excuse for gasoline prices. First it was the war in Ukraine, even though the largest jumps came before the Russians invaded. A few weeks ago, the far-left cable channels were blaming the hot summer, i.e., global warming.

If Biden gets lucky there soon some hurricanes in the Gulf will be forcing the shutdown of refineries – an act of God. And of course there’s always that hardy perennial to blame for rising prices – the semi-annual seasonal formula change for gasoline in California.

I like to ask my radio audience sometimes how they’re doing, what with inflation, shrinkflation and the general malaise that has infected the economy since Brandon was installed as president on Jan. 20, 2021.

At which time the national average for a price of unleaded regular gasoline was approximately $2.34 a gallon – which was an increase from election day 2020 by the way.

One of the first callers said he’d just driven up to the takeout window of the Burger King in Saugus and ordered a Whopper with bacon and cheese.

“It was $10.78!” he said. “For a hamburger! I just drove off.”

I mentioned that I’ve become a Five Guys guy recently. A texter immediately responded.

“They charge $2 extra for a slice of cheese. Is that good?”

Next, a guy from Connecticut called. He too was on the road.

“I just stopped for a snack – a pack of gum and a Snickers bar,” he said. “It was $8.48.”

That got everybody going on candy, like Reese Peanut Butter cups.

“I swear they used to be the size of a silver dollar, now it’s more like a penny,” one guy said. “And now they’re getting thinner.”

So are packs of Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper. And it’s not Mr. Whipple that’s squeezing Charmin, it’s Mr. Brandon.

The size of soap bars is shrinking. If you buy most store brands of bread, you now need to have a fork or tongs next to your toaster, to extract  the slices that have shrunk so much since Bidenomics.

Reddit runs a shrinkflation thread. Gillette has a “Value Pack.” It used to have 15 blades. Now it has 10. Such value!

Here’s a small selection of my text messages:

From area code 603: “Have you checked out the price of lawn-care products like fertilizer recently? I had to skip it this year I was in such sticker shock.”

From 774: “Pork approaching $4 a pound. No more 99 cent Cumberland Farms coffee.”

From 978: “My dog food was $38 for 38 pounds. Now $59 for 35 pounds. Let’s go Brandon!”

Amy in Georgia: “Baby Bell cheese is gotten so small I call it ‘Premie’ Bell.”

From 617: “Turkey Hill ice cream keeps shrinking. Down 2 more ounces to 46.”

From 207: “It seems like every Mexican restaurant used to serve 3 tacos but now your order only comes with 2.”

From 617: “Last week I broke a taillight, just the plastic shell. I said I’ll pay for it instead of insurance thinking it’d be a cheaper fix. Cost me $385 for a 2017 Subaru. Thanks Brandon.”

Limerick Guy: “2 years ago a 20-lb. jug of Tidy Cat kitty litter was $8. Now it’s a 14-lb. jug & it costs $14+.”

From 603: “At Market Basket the small bakery cakes that are always up front used to be $4.99… now $9.99. It used to be a fun impulse buy to bring home for the kids but not at $10.”

From 508: “Bought a box of Pop Tarts for the first time in 25 yrs. My first reaction was, ‘Where’s the tart?’ It was like a postage-stamp size. FJB!”

From 937: “A head of iceberg lettuce $1.89 at my local Kroger in Marysville Ohio. Used to be 79 cents when Orange Man was in office.”

From 413: “English muffins $5.69 at Big Y yesterday.”

From 603: “Sam’s summer ale used to be $13.99. Now $16.99, or $14.99 when on sale at Market Basket. Can’t even afford to drink and forget how bad Biden is.”

To which 207 responded: “Not everything has gone up. I hear you can get Bud Light pretty cheap.”

Yes, you can. And as 603 added: “Bananas down 8 cents. Happy days are here again!”

That’s true, but because Biden is president, most likely we’ll soon have a shortage of bananas. Shortages are part of the Democrats’ plan. Reduces the carbon footprint – for us, but not for them.

Whenever I think about how bad everything has gotten under Bidenomics, I remember the words of Ronald Reagan on Labor Day 1980, just slightly updated:

“A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. A recovery is when Joe Biden loses his.”

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