Biden shrugs at skyrocketing prices, says inflation has ‘always been the case’

There may be only one person in the United States who doesn’t realize how bad inflation has gotten.

There may be only one person in the United States who doesn’t realize how bad inflation has gotten.

Unfortunately, his name is Dementia Joe Biden, and he’s the president.

On Thursday, he was incoherently doddering around southern California when he was approached by a reporter who, in a random act of journalism, posed a real question to Brandon.

“Have you seen gas prices around here in LA?” the scribe inquired. “It’s almost seven bucks a gallon!”

Biden barely registered any response.

“Well,” the bungler-in-chief said with a shrug, “it’s always been the case here.”

Seven bucks a gallon… has always been the case? Can we quote you on that, Mr. President?

Unfortunately, it appears that Biden’s latest Marie Antoinette let-them-eat-cake moment was not recorded on camera, but it is (or was) included in a White House transcript.

Despite what desperate Democrats would have you believe, the real issue in the upcoming mid-terms elections is not abortion, or some random protests on Jan. 6 of last year.

The real issue is the “I”-word, inflation, and all the economic ruination that goes with it, including shrinkflation, supply-chain shortages, skyrocketing interest rates, crashing real-estate markets and utter devastation of retirement accounts.

Joe Biden actually claimed this week that the inflation rate is 2 percent. This was the day after his own regime announced that the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to Social Security next year will be 8.7 percent.

I ask my listeners every week what horrors they’re encountering in the Democrats’ ongoing reign of error. The segment is called “Let’s Go Brandon!”

It’s supposed to run at the end of the show every Monday but more and more “Let’s Go Brandon!” spills over into other days, along with all the other issues that were seldom top of mind during the Trump administration — out of control crime, the chaotic invasion of the southern border by millions of unskilled illegal criminals, the epidemic of fentanyl deaths caused by those undocumented Democrats, a war in Europe, total loss of respect for the nation overseas, etc. etc.

But today let’s hear from my listeners.

Maria: “I buy diapers for my son at BJ’s. It used to be $42.99 for 122 diapers, not it’s $49.99 for 112.”

From area code 207: “My Prince elbow macaroni was 99 cents. Now it’s $2.19.”

From 978: “Was just at Market Basket & their light cream was $3.69 for a quart. Last year it was $1.79.”

Dennis in Vermont: “I’ve always tried to pre-pay my oil bill. Two years ago, when Trump was still president, it was four thousand and change. Last year it went up to $8,000. This year they want $11,000. I’m going to have to explain to my daughters that this Green New Deal thing they’re pushing in the public schools has its downsides.”

From 919: “It’s $5.99 for a pound of butter. Out of control! Thanks Brandon!”

Tom: “I make cabinets, I need drawer slides. Just got a shipment of medium density, fiberboard, ¾ inch thick. Lower grade. Used to be $32, now $58.”

Eric: “I have a dog named Oreo. I buy him Rachael Ray dog food on Amazon. Used to be $27 a case. I just checked, it’s up to $58. Oreo’s gonna have to get used to regular dog food again.”

From 407: “$14 a lb. for sliced turkey at Publix in Orlando.”

Sherry: “I love pies. Can of Crisco at Walmart’s has gone from $5.99 to $9.99. I went to Sam’s Club, got a bigger container for $13.99. I think that one used to be about $10.”

From 619: “My mom went to the Fryeburg fair last week in Maine. A piece of apple pie & a single scoop of vanilla ice cream $9. Thanks Brandon!”

Every week the shrinkflation threads on the internet grow longer and longer. A “value pack” of Hefty freezer quart slider bags has shrunk from 27 to 20 bags. They’re not making “value” like they used to.

At Costco, a 32-oz. Windex dispenser once came with a 176-oz. refill. Now the refill is down to 169 oz. You know what you call that in Brandon’s America? A win.

A big jar of Advil tablets has shrunk from 280 to 250. You know what you say about that in Brandon’s America? You say, it could be worse!

From 978: “My wife just came home from the supermarket and said everything that used to be $2.99 now seems to be $5.99. My response? Let’s go Brandon!”

From 508: “36 eggs at BJ’s used to be $6.49. Yesterday $12.49.”

Daniel: “Lil Caesars Hot-N-Ready Classic Pepperoni used to be $5, now it’s $7.49.”

From 603: “Took my family apple picking this weekend at a local orchard — $32 for a peck of fresh-picked MacIntosh apples. Next time we’ll go apple picking at Market Basket. Much cheaper. Thanks Brandon.”

Remember January 2021? Gas prices were around $2 a gallon. Inflation was 1.4 percent. The border was secure. Crime was somewhat under control. Europe was at peace. The terrorists in Afghanistan were at bay.

Are Democrats unfamiliar with the Hippocratic oath? “First, do no harm” Or to put it in more American terms: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

It wasn’t broke, but Brandon fixed it anyway.

Bernie Marcus, the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot, explained America’s current predicament well the other day.

“Most of the people in Washington never ran a business,” he told Yahoo. “You have a president that never worked a day in his life — never worked a day in his life. What the hell does he know about economics? But he sure spouts about it a lot.”

Twenty-three days from now, it’s the voters’ turn to spout about it a lot. Let’s go Brandon!

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