Biden out to empty your pockets

Tuesday’s headline: “Inflation surges 8.5% in March, hitting a new 40-year high.” Let’s go Brandon!

Putin’s price hikes! Putin’s price hikes! Putin’s price hikes!

No matter how many times Dementia Joe Biden and his caregivers at the White House try to blame out-of-control inflation on the bogeyman du jour, not even low-info Democrat voters seem to be buying into this week’s Big Lie from Deep State media.

It’s all on Brandon, these “extraordinarily elevated” increases in the consumer price index, as Jen Psaki, his fork-tongued flack with the gasoline-colored hair, put it on Monday.

Tuesday’s headline: “Inflation surges 8.5% in March, hitting a new 40-year high.”

Let’s go Brandon!

I have a weekly segment on my radio show, where I invite the listeners to call in with their latest observations on the unfolding Democrat economic catastrophe. Skyrocketing prices, empty store shelves — there are slight variations over time, but the overall themes pretty much remain the same.

This week, a Mercedes-Benz owner told me he got a minor recall notice on his vehicle. When he called the dealer, he was told there was no rush — all the necessary parts were stranded on a ship somewhere out on the ocean.

“If I crash into a wall somewhere because I couldn’t get the car fixed,” the caller told me, “my last words are going to be THANKS BRANDON!”

Then a Fiat owner called me with basically the same story. No parts at the dealer. Then a listener from Maine said her car has been in the shop since December, because they have no replacement parts in stock.

What follows are just a few of this week’s stories about what are no longer the “unexpected” disasters being inflicted on the American population by Dementia Joe Biden and his regime.

From 339: “Good news: gas at Cumberland Farms is down to $3.84 from $3.86. So instead of paying $48 to fill up it’s now $47.50.”

From 603: “Market Basket Bedford NH had ZERO ground turkey today. Always have a bunch of it.”

Bruce: “Don’t forget shrinkflation. I bought a bag of air today and they threw in a few potato chips at the bottom of the bag.”

Speaking of which, when was the last time you saw a “pound” of bacon? A “pound” of coffee now generally runs around 11 ounces. Do they even sell half-gallons of ice cream anymore – even the store brands? The ever-diminishing packages remind me of that old country song about divorce: “I can’t afford to half my half again.”

From 617: “We’re renovating our bathroom. The price just keeps going up as lumber and other materials increase in price. The corner beads cost $5 when we bought them last year. Now they’re $14.”

Among Deplorables, Whole Foods has long been derided as “Whole Paycheck.” But its core constituency — the non-working classes — don’t care, because who worries about money if you’re just living off Uncle Sam or your trust fund.

But things are getting so bad that even the rich wokesters who patronize Whole Foods are beginning to feel the pinch. Consider this report last week from Politico on the results of a Democrat focus group:

“A woman from the Boston area who went first mentioned rising gas and food prices, food shortages at her local Whole Foods, and the increasing cost of housing. ‘It just seems like everything is going up, and there’s no end in sight,’ she said.”

From Boston, and she shops at Whole Foods! Hmmm, I wonder who this moonbat voted for in 2020. Truly, it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at her plight. Perhaps she can demand a raise at the nonprofit where she works (from home of course because … the Panic).

Even my listeners occasionally stumble into Whole Paycheck, and they notice that the bloom is off the Biden rose.

From 978: “Price of house-brand distilled water at Whole Foods now bouncing around like gas. Up 40 cents a gallon then down 10 cents.”

Mary from New Hampshire: “I take in rescue horses. It used to be $23 for a 50 lb. bag of grain, now it’s $33. A bale of hay was $8, now it’s $14. The sawdust in the stalls used to be $4-5, now it’s $7-8. I’m telling the horses, try not to poop so much, it’s killing my budget.”

From 781: “I buy 35 lb. bags of dog food. During Trump it cost $51. Same bag today: $66.70. Thanks Brandon!”

Surely he meant to say, “Thanks Putin!”

Another caller: “Has anyone else noticed that if you have a truck and you’re at a self-service gas station, you may have to put your card in twice, because the pump shuts off at $70, or maybe $100, depending on whether it’s a business card.”

From 781: “Oreos are almost $5 a pack.”

From 508: “I have a Chevy truck for work. Used to cost $57 to fill it up when Trump was president. Now it’s $127.”

Of course Republicans are seizing, pouncing, weaponizing all these developments. So the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are accusing any GOP politicians who dare mention the calamity that is Biden of being “fully in lockstep” with Putin.

That was exactly the phrase one of Biden’s payroll patriots used Tuesday to describe Sen. Rick Scott of Florida when he pointed out the crushing effect of deranged Democrat demagoguery on the working classes.

So GOP Congressman felt compelled to point out that, according to recent polls, more than 60% of the American public blames Biden for their economic plight. In other words, close to two-thirds of the American electorate are “fully in lockstep” with Putin.

“That should work well in the midterms,” the Congressman said.

In the meantime, if you see that grief-stricken Democrat woman at Whole Foods, tell her you feel her pain, even if Brandon doesn’t.

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