Biden on ‘Ugraine,’ ‘Prussian oil’ and other weekend disasters

Now the state-run media are pretending to be shocked, shocked to learn that Dementia Joe Biden is not of sound mind – non compos mentis.

Now the state-run media are pretending to be shocked, shocked to learn that Dementia Joe Biden is not of sound mind – non compos mentis.

But this is just more fake news from the Democrat operatives with press passes. They’ve known all along that Biden is in “cognitive decline,” to put it politely. And you’ve known about it too, if you’ve been reading a periodic feature in this column over the last year or so – Weekend at Biden’s.

Our motto: All dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

And guess what — all the smug fact-checkers and Pulitzer Prize winners could have been telling you just as easily as I do that this guy is an empty suit’s empty suit.

All you need to do is transcribe what he says. It’s the stenography, stupid. But these unctuous courtiers aren’t journalists, they’re rump swabs, bum-kissers, Beltway BS artists churning out agitprop for the Ministry of Truth.

Even before the weekend’s disasters in Poland, Biden was all in on being a wartime leader.

He exhorted the free world (which he called the “three world”) to assist the little nation of “Ugraine” against the country he sometimes still refers to as “the Soviet Union.”

With all the “freeding-loving nations” standing together, Biden proudly spoke of how Putin “met with a mall a wall of strength he never imagined.”

Fighting continues on what military strategist Brandon alternately calls “the Eastern Front” or “the Eastern Flank.”

But Biden has nothing but praise for “a pound of Ukrainian people the proud proud people pound for pound ready to fight with every ounce of energy that they have.”

But fear not, Ukrainians, or as he called them during his State of the Union address, Iranians.

“The United States stands with the people of Ukraine and their bravely as they bravely fight to defend their nation.”

Winston Churchill spoke of blood, sweat and tears. Brandon has his own take on the Ukrainians’ finest hour.

“The next few weeks and months, we hard on the people of Ukraine.”

It’s a strange conflict, though. He’s talked about Russia shelling “Russian cities.” On another occasion, he blurted out a similar howler, then corrected himself 10 seconds or so later, almost as if someone had shouted into an earpiece or something to tell Brandon he was off his rocker.

“How do we get to the place where you know Putin decides he’s just you know gonna invade Russia and nothing like this has happened since World War II.” Followed by a long pause, very long, finally broken with this brief clarification:

“I mean, Russia’s gonna invade Ukraine.”

Everything is ultimately about energy of course. Brandon admits to shutting down “the Keystone popline,” but he’s still willing to halt the flow of all “Prussian oil.” Fortunately we still have an abundant supply of “lickified natural gas – LNG.”

By the way, he doesn’t much care for Russian oligarchs and their “ill-begotten gains.”

Dementia Joe is very concerned about the supply chain, or as he calls it “the supply change.” He summons titans of industry to discuss the shortage of computer ships, which others usually describe as computer chips.

Dementia Joe has more and more problems with names. The senior senator from California — “Dion Feinstein.” The senior senator from Washington — “Patty Murphy.” He called Rep. Pramila Jayapal “Pamela.”

He introduced his HUD secretary as “Marcia Fudd.” (Any relation to Elmer?) When Madeleine Albright passed on, he couldn’t remember her name — “the woman who died.” He likewise forgot Thomas Edison’s name. His UN ambassador became “Linda Thomas Greenhouse Greenfield.”

He called the president of Poland “Mr. Ambassador.”

But none of these grandees should take it personally. At another event, Biden mentioned that someone had tested positive for COVID – “the First Lady’s husband.”

That, of course, would be Biden himself. Dr. Jill had to correct him.

A few more of Biden’s Greatest Hits, March edition:

“And we both talked about how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.”

“Part of the safety is the ability to feel safe in gender-based from gender-based violence.”

“It’s gonna start to get rid of the poisonous lead pipes that our kids and our families have been drinking from their lead pipes coming through the water coming through their it affects over 10 million homes.”

“Opioid addictions … we’re doing very little about it especially our children and fentanyl being laced with them.”

“Pay your fair share for dammit!”

“It’s not just in your interest that are at stake with potential use of cyber security, it is in the national interest at stake and I would respectfully suggest it’s a patriotic obligation for you to invest as much as you can in making sure and we will help in any way that you have built up your technological capacity to deal with cyber capacity cyber attacks.”

“Any federal project president for since 1939 has been able to say that entire pro-gec has to be made in America before I gonna pay for that.”

“The Russian ruble is now down to 50 percent by 50 percent.”

“The idea we can we uh uh pump more oil there are now uh uh now five there are 172 gas and oil rigs ru-running now we have there are 519 in operation before this all began.”

“Republicans and Democrats understand alike understand that.”

“We already had uh we already had the ground ru-running hit the ground running.”

“We’re providing we’re providing tens of thousands of tons of human supplies excuse me humanitarian supplies.”

“We’re also continuing to close uh corporations with allies and patrons to make sure that close cooperation we continue to have Ukrainian people are are able to have to defend their own nation.”

“And by the way we’re providing that we can and we’re proving that we can invest in the American people.”

“And to make it impossible make the impossible the possible.”

Can we quote you on that, Mr. President?

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