Biden keeping up employment at the gaffe factory, at least

It’s Weekend at Biden’s again, and Dementia Joe Biden has been pondering the dysfunction that plagues these fruited plains.

It’s Weekend at Biden’s again, and Dementia Joe Biden has been pondering the dysfunction that plagues these fruited plains. Specifically, Brandon frets about mentally impaired people wandering America’s streets:

“(People) who are just deranged, who are, who are susceptible, who are, who are just lost and and don’t know what to do, and they’re easily taken, they’re easily sucked in, and it’s gotta stop, we have to admit it, I don’t know why we don’t admit what the hell’s goin’ on. Anyway …”

Got a mirror, Mr. President?

As always, all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

Now Biden is in Asia visiting, among other places, South Korea and “President Moon Yoon” (his name is Yoon Seok-Youl).

But before Brandon departed the assisted-living facility at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he warmly welcomed some visitors to the White House:

“I thank all of you for being here, and I want you to enjoy the rest of the recession.”

Technically, Mr. President, the recession hasn’t even started yet. You said you’d have to be a “mind reader” to have seen the baby-formula shortage coming. But apparently you are able to foresee what economic calamities your policies are causing in the weeks ahead.

FDR said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Now Brandon says, “I want you to enjoy the rest of the recession.”

At the White House or on the road, Dementia Joe must sometimes introduce other people. It’s not getting any easier for him to remember who anybody is, or what they do.

Just ask “President Harris.” Or the president of “Fine Finland,” whom he called “Nisto.” His name is “Niinisto.” He said Sen. Rick Scott of Florida represents Wisconsin. He called Raytheon “Ray Raython.”

He’s really been having problems with Hispanics — and not just in the polls. For instance, one of his “best buddies,” he says, is former Sen. Ken Salazar. Only Brandon introduced him as called “Kent Salazar.”

There’s a former Dominican illegal alien who’s now a congressman from New York named Adriano Espaillat. Joe called him “Congressman Esplanade.”

He fumbled the last name of his education secretary, Miguel Cardona. But then he seems to have no clue who any of his cabinet secretaries are — he again called HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge “Marcia Fudd.” (Elmer Fudd could not be reached for comment.)

He addressed the First Lady of Mexico as “Madame President.”

He ran into some cops, among them “Police Thief James White.” Baton Rouge police officer Murphy Paul was introduced as “Murphy Pearl.” He called the Fraternal Order of Police “the Fraternal Order of Priests.”

Once again, he misidentified the DEA as the “Drug Enforcement Agency.” Even worse, in a videotaped presentation, he called the Food and Drug Administration “the Federal Drug Administration.” His care-givers, in the subtitles for the video, repeated the error. They’re almost as ignorant as Biden is.

At various events, Brandon bemoaned “overdoth deaths” and the “opiodademic epidemic.” He denounces “Russian off-trocities.” He endorses “kime prevention.”

On the teleprompter, he misreads wages as rages, reflect as refect, eligibility as elibility. Wholly becomes holly, only comes out as swonly. The teleprompter says changes, he reads it as charges.

Dementia Joe dares to ask questions no one else will:

“How many police officers have multiple times and put a lion and had to do things that they’d have to think they’d have to do?”

Good question, Brandon!

Other than telling everyone to enjoy the recession, Dementia Joe had one other Freudian slip recently. He was discussing how well a system of checks and balances has served the American people, until … Democrats.

“That’s how it works when leaders derive their powers from the consent of the government from from the consent of the governed.”

As far as the Marxist minions pulling his strings are concerned, Biden got it right the first time.

They believe power derives only from the consent of the government, i.e., themselves.

Here are a few more of Biden’s Greatest Hits, May edition:

“Failure for us not to say that failure in saying that is gonna be complicity. Silence is complicity.”

“Let make let me make let let let no one make a mistake the meaning of this historic day.”

“He pointed to a pat-rot a a a excuse me a portrait over the mantle of the of the in the the White House in the Oval Office and it’s a picture it’s a big portrait of Franklin Delano

“We’re gonna rebuild a better America. One point two billion trillion dollars.”

“… which 200 million excuse me beg your pardon 200 thousand American children rely on.”

“Most deserve the most, we deserve, look, we’re the most multiracial, most dynamic nation in the history of the world.”

“And by the way, you know one of the things that is uh, it’s a totally different subject, I’m just gonna touch it for a second, there’s an awful lot of growing data that’s what happened because of COVID and other things that mental health problems are become a serious problem.”

“If you’re able to get uh onto the Internet, uh just visit uh get get just just go to internet-dot-gov, and you’ll be able to connect as well.”

“I know you’ve gotta be frustrated. I know. I can taste it.”

“Where am I heading?

Downhill, Mr. Brandon. That’s where you’re headed. Off a cliff, in fact. And you know, you’re right about at least one thing. We can taste it. And it tastes like …

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