Beware of puppet candidates Tuesday backed by RINO Charlie Baker

Phil Brown of West Roxbury, a retired Boston Water & Sewer Commission worker, died Thursday on his 68th birthday.

He is survived by his large extended family, and this is from his death notice posted by Gormley Funeral Service:

“In lieu of flowers, donations in Phil’s memory may be made to the Donald J. Trump Re-election Campaign, DJT Inc., Trump Tower, 725 5th Avenue, New York NY 10022 or at”

What a grand gesture!

“Philip had his loyalties,” his brother Michael Brown was saying Friday night, “and Donald Trump being re-elected was at the top of his list.”

The president’s local re-election campaign kicks into high gear Tuesday with the primary. According to the most recent poll, by WBUR, Trump has an 83-14 lead over not-so-favorite son William Weld, the crapulous former governor.

Listen up, all of you Republicans and independents. When you vote for the president Tuesday, there will be a couple of other races on your GOP ballot — for the party’s state committee.

In each of the state’s 40 senate districts, a male and a female candidate will be elected. Charlie Baker, the RINO governor who despises President Trump, is running a slate of puppets who will do his bidding — namely, trying to oust Trump, and doubling the state’s gasoline tax.

That’s Tall Deval’s 2020 agenda, and on Tuesday he hopes to take over the state committee with his crew of tax-fattened hacks who will help impose his anti-taxpayer agenda.

On Tuesday, how can you tell who are Baker’s picks to help him destroy the president and double the gas tax?

Fortunately, Baker’s hacks are hiding in plain sight. If you are a registered GOP voter, you’ve probably gotten at least one mailing on behalf of these Tall Deval frauds, claiming that they want to “drain the swamp.”

Almost all the mailings have the same return address — P.O. Box 8010 Boston, MA 02114.

Remember that number — 8010. 8010 = RINO.

Could these shiftless hacks be any more cynical, or devious?

Drain the swamp? They live in the swamp. Why would the crew from P.O. Box 8010 want to drain their own habitat? They want more bucks for the hackerama. That’s why their master is pushing this obscene gas-tax heist.

And to loot billions more from taxpayers, Baker has even stolen the slogan of the president he loathes. Has he, at long last, no shame?

Some of the mailings even have Trump’s photo on them, along with the hacks who will do the bidding of the dodgy governor who lusts to defeat the president.

If you support Trump, and don’t want to pay an extra 17 cents a gallon to prop up the hackerama, do not vote for any candidate backed by an anonymous flier from P.O. Box 8010.

If you haven’t gotten one of these hack fliers, just go to for a list of the real Republicans running in your district against Baker’s payroll Charlies.

Like, for instance, Lisa Barstow of Brookline. She’s a $70,020-a-year coat holder in the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), one of the biggest hack holding pens in the commonwealth.

Barstow answers to the architect of this nefarious scheme to beggar the state’s motorists — Environmental Secretary Kathleen Theoharides, an Ivy League moonbat from Arlington who goes by the Twitter handle of Climate Katie.

She was appointed to her hack $170,406-a-year job last May, a few months before she gave $250 to both Tall Deval and his lieutenant governor, Karyn “Pay to Play” Polito. Nice return on investment, Climate Katie!

Like her boss, Barstow likes to kick back to her Trump-hating patrons — $1,300 to Baker, $800 to Polito, and even $50 or so to back-stabber Willard M. Romney. Does this woman sound like a swamp-drainer to you?

Barstow called up my radio show Wednesday night and claimed to be very happy with the thousands of dollars’ worth of mailings she’s gotten from the gas-tax-raising, Trump-hating Baker crew at P.O. Box 8010.

“I support President Trump,” she claimed, “and I oppose any increase in the gas tax.”

If that’s true, I told her, you should immediately resign from your phony-baloney hack job as a matter of honor and principle.

“People just don’t up and quit their jobs,” she sniffed. “You know, some of us actually live, you know, paycheck to paycheck. We need our jobs and we’re not quitting our jobs over some differences of opinion.”

As I told you, they’re all in the satchel for doubling the gas tax and defeating the president, every last one of them from P.O. Box 8010.

By the way, Tall Deval just said he’s very “disappointed” in the Democrats’ plan last week to raise the state gas tax by a nickel.

The reason he’s disappointed with the proposed nickel increase is because he wants to raise it 17 cents rather than five — the better to screw the motorists of Massachusetts.

On Monday night, a lot of you will be getting robocalls from me. I’ll be suggesting who you should vote for if you oppose Baker’s Trump-hating, gas-tax-raising slate of payroll patriots.

The late Phil Brown didn’t authorize this message, but I have a feeling if he were still around, he wouldn’t be voting for any Baker fakers from P.O. Box 8010, either.

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