Beacon Hill Says Free College for Illegal Aliens

On the House floor Democrats loudly applauded when the in-state tuition breaks were mentioned as part of the budget.

Taxpayers lose again!

In March 2022, legislative leaders promised Massachusetts voters tax cuts.  It was in response to gubernatorial candidate Chris Doughty’s call for a suspension of the gas tax.

Now 16 months later we got zilch.

Gubernatorial candidate Maura Healey ran television ads promising tax cuts.  Now in her eighth month in the Corner Office, we have no tax breaks.  With Democrats overwhelmingly controlling the House, the Senate and every Constitutional office on Beacon Hill, if Healey wanted to pass tax cuts it would have happened.

In 1991, in his first month in office, Gov. Bill Weld was able to pass the repeal of the service sales tax despite Democrat control of both branches of the legislature. At this point, I think we can say Healey is a liar just like former Gov. Deval Patrick who promised us property tax breaks.

Adding insult to injury, the Healey administration opened a new “welcoming center” and bought out a new hotel for illegal immigrants as the legislature passed instate tuition breaks and financial aid for illegal immigrants.  On the House floor Democrats loudly applauded when the in-state tuition breaks were mentioned as part of the budget. Of course, they killed the effort to strip the breaks for the illegals out of the budget.

Check out the tuition schedule for the 2023-24 academic year at UMass-Amherst. An American from Massachusetts pays a little more than $17,000. An out-of-state American pays about $39,000.

An “international” student – a legal alien, in other words – pays $39,700.

But after all the “scholarships” that were also rubber-stamped by the Democrat super-majority, an illegal alien will pay… zero. How is this not insane?

Students whose parents live in New Hampshire but pay income taxes in Massachusetts are charged almost $40,000, while people in the country illegally whose parents are on the dole pay… nothing?

Legal aliens pay $40,000 for obeying the law and illegal aliens get a free ride for thumbing their noses at our nation’s laws?

Beacon Hill has sent us a message. And it is not a good one. 

We don’t matter.  People who work for a living and obey our laws are not worthy. 

How much more of this are we going to take?

Yes, there is more coming to the Commonwealth!

Watch out! It appears that several ballot questions have been filed to expand voting rights for illegals.  Because, the GOP failed to stop drivers’ licenses for them in 2022, the liberals are even more emboldened. 

I have no clue why there is such a big push for voting rights when the illegals seem to have complete control at the State House. How much more do they want? Are reparations next?

Let me be clear.  If you vote Democrat, you are part of the problem. You voted for these officials who think that tax-paying, law-abiding Americans are second-class citizens.

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