Beacon Hill’s Latest Climate Equity Scam

Did every progressive fail science class in middle school? Is it a requirement of the green leftist movement to have absolutely no understanding of science?

The latest push on Beacon Hill is for zero-carbon buildings, as if that were possible. Are these buildings going to prohibit humans from entering? Are we going to be required to hold our breath while in these structures? Maybe you’ll have to buy Honest Howie’s carbon credits like a toll to get in. As sentient human beings, you and I both know that people produce carbon emissions and that these zero-carbon goals are not based in reality.

Of course, this fantasy comes with a huge price tag. Sen. Adam Gomez and Rep. Andy Vargas have filed legislation to create a $300-million fund to “jumpstart the market” for zero-carbon renovations.

Let me translate State House speak. No one else wants to waste money on this foolishness other than Bacon Hill progressive hacks, so the taxpayers need to pay for this new green-protection racket.

But wait, the effort gets even more woke.

According to Gomez’s comments to State House News Service, his (assuming this progressive goes by he/him) legislation will be focused on an “equitable way” to pay for renovations of “affordable housing, public housing, homes rented or owned by low and moderate income households, municipal buildings, public schools, and women and minority-owned small businesses.”

Equity, of course, means you, as a taxpayer, are not getting even the smallest slice of the pie. We’re talking climate equity here. You know, in the “environmental justice” communities, one of which is not, by the way, East Palestine, Ohio. Because that county voted 72 percent for Trump.

Hence, it is selective de-carbonization. 

The 150-member coalition behind Gomez and Vargas says that one-third of Massachusetts’ emissions come from two million existing buildings in the Commonwealth. Who knew? What’s next? Should we take down these buildings and live in tents?! 

Maybe we should shut down the City of Boston. With the largest population, wouldn’t the Hub be the biggest emitter of carbons? I suggest that the organizations in this coalition branch out in fields rather than buildings.

They can lead by example. If they want to talk the talk, then let them walk the walk.

These leftist greenies further claim that they want to “invest” in homes to help residents with their ever-rising utility bills. You and I will never see a dime. However, we all know that Gov. Healey and her progressive allies don’t care about high utility costs, because she is the reason our bills are increasing.  As attorney general, Healey stopped the natural gas pipelines from coming into Massachusetts. She bragged about it in her campaign.

So now we pay more for gas to be shipped here, which is less environmentally friendly.  If they truly wanted to help the environment and lower costs, they would have welcomed the gas lines. But they thrive on their virtue-signaling – and the stress it causes us. It gives them the excuse to take more of our money and dictate how to live our lives.

This de-carbonization effort is nothing more than redistribution of our tax dollars.

It’s what used to be called a public-private partnership, which means that some public money is about to go into some private pockets. Only now, we also must endure a high-minded hectoring lecture from our betters as they rob us.

And to get in on the public-private partnership grift, only Democrats need apply.

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