Bay State breaks the bank and illegals cash in

Do you remember when then-Rep. Peter Durant in 2022 tried to suspend the gas tax because prices were so high? Democrats rejected the idea, claiming it was going to hurt our state’s bond rating. One week later, Moody’s said they were wrong.

It would not hurt the bond rating. But the lie was enough to keep Beacon Hill from passing the break to help taxpayers, American citizens who work for a living.

We now have a similar situation happening with the Right to Shelter Law. Democrats are now claiming that we cannot amend the law to only provide for our citizens because it would bring a court challenge as to its constitutionality.

Really, are we supposed to believe this new lie?

If the Democrats are correct, then 49 other states are violating the Constitution by not providing shelter on demand to anyone from anywhere in the world who illegally comes into the country looking for a free ride forever.

Show me where it says in the Massachusetts Constitution we must provide taxpayer benefits to those who illegally crossed our borders. It doesn’t.

This is another phony excuse to avoid cutting off aid to illegals while appearing to have done something about the costly problem.

Democrats realize that they are in trouble with voters over this issue, so that’s why they passed a nine-month “cap” on residence in the flophouses that were once motels.

Illegals can now only stay in our free housing for nine months. We are supposed to be impressed by this bold and decisive action, which it is not. What it is, is insanity.

The state of New York caps free housing at 8 weeks. So, illegals here get an additional 7 months here.

Is that getting tough? Not quite!

Does anyone believe that the state is going to kick out any illegals after nine months?  That would mean there should be a mass exit from the Taunton Clarion Hotel very soon.  However, the state signed a nine-year contract with that hotel. 

Massachusetts has quickly gone from a budget surplus to a deficit. In December, the legislature passed the largest supplemental budget in the state’s history to pay for the hordes of  illegals swarming into the state with their hands out.

Last week, Democrats spent another $245 million on them. The nine-month cap will not be enforced and won’t save the state one dime! 

Don’t be fooled! The right to shelter needs to apply only to legal residents. I know that John Adams would agree with me.

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