Baker sinks to new low (if that’s even possible)

What happened to the state’s most revealing daily virus chart — Deaths and Death Rate by Age Group?

It’s disappeared! Vanished! Gone without explanation from the MA Coronavirus Dashboard!

How odd that Gov. Charlie Parker would decide to deep-six the chart @howiecarrshow tweets out almost every day.

Could it be because the chart provided some inconvenient truths, like the fact that only 146 people under the age of 50 have died in MA? 

Or that the average age of the decedents is 82?

Or the fact that zero — that’s right, ZERO — people under the age of 20 have died in MA.

The hacks said they have “streamlined” the daily report.

Apparently streamlining means getting rid of the one chart that best explains the overreaction, hysteria and panic porn that Tall Deval has been pushing like a deranged cult leader for the last five months.

What will they “streamline” next? Maybe the toll of fatalities in the nursing homes that have been so terribly mis-regulated by Gov. Parker’s corrupt, incompetent administration.

Yesterday, the state reported 18 new “confirmed” deaths, 17 of which occurred in the death houses whose operators have given Tall Deval $52K+.Overall, 5602 of MA’s 8547 deaths have been in the nursing homes.

We’ll let you know when we find out more, although the chart’s absence sort of speaks for itself, don’t you think?

UPDATE on the state’s disappearing daily “Deaths and Death Rate by Age Group” chart!!!

The administration of Gov. Charlie Parker is now saying the chart (or a variation thereof) has been moved to the weekly update — and that raises even more questions.

First of all, the new chart is buried on page 35 of a report that comes out every week, not daily. But wait — the new numbers totally contradict the previous daily numbers. According to the just-posted weekly chart, only 14 MA residents died of the virus between July 25 and Aug. 8.

That’s an average of one death per day. ONE! UNO!

Of the 14 deaths in the last two weeks, 12 were over the age of 80, and 2 were between 40 and 49. The state is now claiming, apparently, that no one between the ages of 50 and 79 died of the virus, nor did anyone under the age of 40.

Yet Tall Deval continues trying to scare the bejesus out of everyone with his “slight upward uptick” schtick. For instance, per orders of the  ABCC, you can no longer consume a beer on the golf course — only soft drinks. The transmission of the virus apparently does not occur from a Diet Coke, but can be fatal if you pop open a Bud Light. But only if you’re between 40 and 49, or over 80.

According to Gov. Parker’s previous daily numbers, MA deaths in the last fortnight ranged, I believe, from about 32 down to 2.

Never mind!

Another point: according to the new chart, the average age of decedents has risen from 82 to 86.

We’ll update this further if we receive guidance from Gov. Parker on whether the “slight upward uptick” continues, or if the MA death toll is really down to one per day.

Here is the latest explanation of these new numbers according to the Department of Public Health:

Pages 32-36 describe the confirmed and probable cases that were identified 7/26 through 8/8.  The number of deaths represent the number of deaths that occurred among those cases. 

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