Back to old ‘Lawrence Man’ federal policy on illegal immigrants with Biden administration

One of the many things I’m going to miss come Jan. 20 is honest press releases coming out of the federal Department of Justice about the immigration status of criminals.

One of the many things I’m going to miss come Jan. 20 is honest press releases coming out of the federal Department of Justice about the immigration status of criminals.

For instance, say goodbye to the daily stream of headlines released by the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston:

“Dominican National Sentenced for Drug Trafficking.”

“Colombian National Pleads Guilty to $109 million Medicare Fraud Scheme.”

“Belgian and Lebanese National Charged with Wire Fraud and Money Laundering.”

“Dominican National Sentenced for Social Security Fraud and Theft.”

“Brazilian National Charged with Armed Robbery.”

“Nigerian National Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Victims Using Online Scams.”

All of the above are absolutely factual, but before Donald Trump became president, you would seldom if ever see such headlines from the Obama Just-Us — er, Justice — Department.

Under Obama, on fentanyl busts, the drug dealer would customarily be described as “Lawrence Man,” unless maybe he was “Chelsea Man” or “Lynn Man.”

Sure, if you wanted to dig, you could usually figure out the perp’s immigration status, but the feds didn’t make it easy. You had to study the charging documents, or maybe there’d be a clue in the release, like the fact that ICE was involved in the arrest, or Homeland Security’s “Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force.”

Jeff Sessions may have been an abysmal failure as attorney general, but he did allow his U.S. attorneys to again tell the truth about the illegals’ crime wave. And now, you can rest assured, the blackout is going back into effect — call it the “Lawrence Man” policy.

Actually, the whole immigration disaster, which Trump got somewhat under control, is about to boil over yet again. Remember Joe Biden raising his hand at one of the debates when asked if he supported free health care for illegals?

Over the past four years, fewer Muslim terrorists like the Tsarnaevs have been welcomed into the country and put on the dole. Ditto MS-13 gang bangers.

Why do you suppose Trump did so much better among Hispanic voters in 2020 — they’ve been the main victims of the “Unaccompanied Minors” who swarmed into the U.S. as part of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America.

Even Mexico appreciated Trump’s efforts to halt the U.S.-bound caravans, which were little more than slow-moving north-bound crime waves.

It must have really pained the Washington Post last month to acknowledge Trump’s border successes (which was why they buried the inconvenient truth in the ninth paragraph):

“Mexican officials have private concerns that any moves to revoke Trump’s enforcement mechanisms too quickly could have a dam-bursting effect at their southern border, unleashing pent up demand …”

Demand for free stuff. As someone put it online, Biden is “ringing the dinner bell” for every freeloader in the Third World. Everything free in America!

On a related subject, do you suppose that suddenly allowing millions of illiterate indigents to once again flood the border states will help or hinder the U.S. efforts to get COVID-19 under control, which Democrats after all claim is job one for the new administration?

The Post quoted an unnamed Mexican official: “Our southern border was a mess, and it’s under control now.”

So is ours. But probably not for long. Which is why the old Obama-era omerta policy about illegal-immigrant crime is about to be reinstituted.

But before the news blackout is re-imposed, let’s check out some of the local undocumented Democrats.

Here’s a Dominican national named Jesus Barbosa Pimentel, sentenced on Nov. 23 for Social Security fraud and theft. He was ordered to make restitution of $32,502 in Section 8 housing subsidies and $15,409 in stolen food stamps. Good luck with that!

Check out another Dominican national, “previously residing in Haverhill.” A thrice-convicted drug dealer by trade, Domingo Garcia Soero supplemented his income in the fentanyl industry by stealing $14,923 in MassHealth benefits.

In other words, he was just taking advantage of Joe Biden’s free health care for drug-dealing illegals even before it becomes official U.S. policy.

Not all of the U.S. attorney’s crime-busting headlines concern illegals, of course. Harvard fencing coaches get indicted, ditto multi-million-dollar recidivist Cape embezzlers, Quincy real-estate agents named Flavin, etc.

Even under the current DOJ honesty-is-the-best-policy standards, the feds sometimes have trouble figuring out who’s who, immigration wise, as this release from October shows:

“Six individuals Charged with Federal Identity Fraud Crimes.”

These amigos were allegedly ripping off MassHealth as well as the newest government handout — COVID-19 unemployment funds. One was a Brazilian in Fall River, another a Dominican in Lawrence. As for the other four defendants in this welfare fraud, two of whom were “residing in Lawrence,” their “true identity has not been determined.”

If we don’t learn Juan Doe’s identity by Jan. 20, chances are we never will. Because the DOJ’s new policy on illegals’ crimes is going to revert to the old Obama-era policy.

“Nothing to see here, gringos, move along!”

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