Asylum caravan’s future Democrats dream of life in Land of the Free (Stuff)

Thanksgiving’s over, so now it’s back to covering the ongoing invasion – I mean, the asylum caravan — on the southern border of the United States.

Invasion – that’s how the lawless mobs seeking the eternal gravy train are described by both the president of the US and the mayor of Tijuana, where the hordes are currently getting drunk and creating their own local crime wave while massing for the upcoming big crossing.

It’ll be like the 49ers, or the Sooners, only this mob won’t be looking for gold, or land. They’ll be sprinting towards the welfare offices of the gringos.

Everything free in America!

Proudly waving the flags of the hellhole counties that they claim “persecuted” them, the vast majority of these invaders will end up on the dole, voting Democrat to protect their handouts, just like the tens of millions who preceded them to the Land of the Free (Stuff).

We are told the “Dreamers” are the best of the illegals. Yet according to a Harvard researcher, even 74 percent of them are indigent, wards of the state.

Where do the working classes of America go to get “asylum” from the millions of foreign criminals swarming across the border?

Speaking of asylum, there’s interesting local news this week about some infamous “asylum” seekers, i.e., welfare recipients. Remember the Tsarnaev brothers, Muslim mass murderers from the Third World?

These terrorists came here for “asylum,” lived in Sect. 8 housing, flaunted their EBT cards, gamed college scholarships and MassHealth benefits and finally expressed their gratitude by murdering their American benefactors.

Now the lawyers for the younger Tsarnaev fiend have filed briefs reiterating what we already knew – that the older Muslim alien, Tamerlan “Speedbump” Tsarnaev, celebrated the 10th anniversary of 9/11 back in 2011 by slitting the throats of three Americans in Waltham – Jewish-Americans.

“Committing jihad,” as one of the other Muslim terrorists is quoted as saying in the court filing.

Of course, not all invaders participating in the “fundamental transformation” of America want to commit jihad. Some just want to commit crimes, because they know nothing will happen to them when they do.

Consider Luis Rodrigo Perez, a Dreamer, age 23, illegal from Mexico. His dream was to murder Americans, and this month he has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, thanks to the fact that New Jersey refused to hold him on an ICE detainer when he was jailed on domestic violence charges.

Domestic violence. Ever hear of #metoo? Apparently only Americans go to prison for beating up women. For illegals, again, everything free in America – including beating women.

Not only did New Jersey Democrats not honor the feds’ detainer, they didn’t even tell ICE when they cut him loose. Days later, the Mexican career criminal was in Springfield MO, murdering three Americans. Two were heard begging for their lives before the Mexican murdered them. He wounded two others before finally being collared.

You want more Dreamers seeking asylum? Meet Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez, age 27, with a stolen Social Security number? Last March in Virginia he was been charged with kidnapping and “basically torturing” his 19-year-old American wife, whom he choked until she passed out.

ICE tried to grab him, but a Democrat judge cut him loose. Again, no domestic abuse charges ever seem to stick if you’re illegal. Now this Dreamer is charged with beating a crewman on a commercial fishing vessel to death with a hammer.

Last week a video went viral of a Mexican illegal in Arkansas shooting at cops. Luis Cabos-Cenabio had two previous arrests during the Obama years, but the Democrats decided he should remain in the country, on welfare.

Then there was Luis Bracamontes, a Mexican illegal who murdered two cops in California. He was videotaped at his sentencing saying, “I will break out and I will kill more cops soon.” The only surprise was that he made his deranged threats in English, not Spanish.

Before the midterms, the Republicans made a TV ad using the illegal’s courtroom outburst, saying he “Killed Our People.” The Democrats demanded the ad be pulled because it was “racist.” I don’t know, Bracamontes looked pretty white to me.

America wasn’t always like this. Once we were a sovereign nation. We had borders, and everyone had to obey the law, not just taxpayers, citizens and legal aliens.

But something happened. Fifty-five years ago today, John F. Kennedy was buried. With JFK’s murder, something happened to the American psyche, at least the Democrats’ psyche. Eighteen months later, at the behest of Ted Kennedy, the Democrats passed the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

The floodgates opened, and the slaughter began.

Now the Democrats demand ever more of what’s destroying this country – illegal immigration.

Lee Harvey Oswald, or whoever killed JFK, has a lot to answer for.

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