Tax the Rich! But Don’t You Dare Charge Them $8

Tax the rich!

That’s a mantra for the ages, at least among those who are today a) worrying about their jobs at Twitter, or b) nervously awaiting the cancellation of their student-loan debt or c) both.

Tax the rich! Make them pay their “fair share!”

But whatever you do, you’d better not charge the rich, elite, or otherwise well-connected $8 per month to utilize a platform offering access to hundreds of millions of users who can be converted to fans, clients, customers, partners, benefactors or—lest we forget!—voters.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has targeted her (latest) outrage at Elon Musk, whose recent overhaul—and mere proposals of renovation—of Twitter, Inc. has sparked controversy from Hollywoke all the way to the Swamp.

Musk has bounced some ideas around on his new platform publicly.

Since the Left is unfamiliar with comedy, and since the public hasn’t been graced with Tweets of this caliber by anyone else in 665 days (not that I’m counting), the trolling tycoon’s visions for his company—whether or not he plans to enact them—have been prompting media outlets to paint him as some sort of social media Stalin.

The man has some wacky ideas, that’s for sure. But implementing a freemium model on the site is neither far-fetched nor new.

When a company effects “freemium” tiers, it offers an option to utilize its contents and capabilities at no cost. The company then incentivizes users to upgrade to subscribe to the service by designing a premium status that is more convenient or has better features.

AOC is rather familiar with freemium pioneer Netflix, considering they paid $10 million for the distribution rights to her documentary, Knock Down the House.

Sandy has never lashed out at the CEO of Spotify, the Swedish music service operating as a freemium. Former posts of hers suggest she’s even a subscriber. Sure, she’s made harsh accusations against Amazon, but none of them critique Bezos’ incorporation of Prime subscriptions, or, for that matter, his acquisition of The Washington Post to promote Democrat party orthodoxies, as well as multiple journalistic hoaxes against the GOP and Donald J. Trump.

And when someone finally explains to her how taxes are supposed to work, boy, is she in for a surprise.

Nevertheless, the Congresswoman’s thumbs were probably sore Tuesday as she ferociously drafted the perfect “Gotcha” replies to Mr. Musk.

It all began when Ocasio-Cortez tried defining “free speech” as posting blurbs on the Internet with a zero-dollar price tag. If that’s what AOC thinks the First Amendment is for, it would explain a lot of her other wacky takes on the Constitution.

Elon Musk clapped back, assuring her that he holds the power from now on, and if he indeed implements a fee, there’s nothing she can do about it besides pay up.

The back-and-forth ensued for the remainder of the evening. Musk attacked the alleged anti-capitalist’s expensive merchandise line, and the erstwhile bartender (and daughter of an architect) went after Musk’s non-union-based companies.

AOC posted a premature victory lap yesterday on social media. Eating what appears to be a chicken nugget in an incredibly distracting fashion, Sandy let her cronies know they “got under a certain little Billionaire’s skin.”

My prediction is this: everyone who claims he’ll delete his Twitter account upon freemium implementation is all bark, no bite. What will happen? The libs will collectively push a narrative explaining their presence on Musk’s platform is to save democracy because, you see, if all the good people leave, only extremists, conspiracy theorists and insurrectionists will remain.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the $8 fee. It’s about the status the prized blue checkmark bestows upon the user. Elon Musk is threatening elites like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a level playing field. She and the other quasi-communists claim that’s what they seek. But when equality comes to fruition, and constituents can be just as special as their rulers, it’s a danger to the status quo.

When everyone can be elite, no one can. Bravo on this one, Elon!

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