Another Mass. hack fails upward to D.C.

We are only 3 days into the national nightmare and the news keeps getting worse.

We are only 3 days into the national nightmare and the news keeps getting worse. 

Beyond the misery of giving amnesty to illegals and killing the Keystone Pipeline to send energy costs soaring, now we are hit with the announcement that Massachusetts Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack has been taped for the Deputy Administrator for the Federal Highway Administration. 

Could the blundering Biden administration have picked anyone worse?  Not really.

Massachusetts spends $675,000 per mile per year on road maintenance.  We are not only the second most expensive state in the country, but we are four times the national average.  And, Biden picks the head of the mess.

Pollack will fit right into the DC swamp where spending runs amok.  She has had great training at the Bacon Hill level.  During her tenure, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation spent $78,000 per mile per year on administrative costs.  That means for every mile of highway there is a state hack earning $78,000 which is eight times the national average.

Why would blundering Biden pick someone who works for a Republican administration?  It’s no secret that Charlie Parker is not a Republican.  He doesn’t even qualify as a RINO.  However, Pollack has fine Democrat credentials.  She used to work for Mike Dukakis and she supported the effort of automatic gas tax hikes in 2014.  That’s right; she wanted you to pay $2 billion more in gas taxes.  So, it is an easy guess that Biden will be proposing gas tax hikes!

Of course, like any good Democrat, Pollack has a scandal.  Remember, Pollack oversaw the Registry of Motor Vehicles where they were throwing driver warnings into the black hole.  The Registry’s failure came to light after 7 bikers were tragically killed by a bad driver who should have had his license revoked by the Registry.  Why Parker did not fire her is still a bad unsolved mystery.

So, how typical of blundering Biden to allow Pollack to fail upwards!

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