Andrew McCabe earned Trump tweet

Despite what some grammar purists say, sometimes it is appropriate to use all capital letters to deliver a message.

Consider Friday afternoon, when President Trump tweeted out his take on the official Department of Justice reports on the gross misconduct of crooked FBI agent Andrew McCabe:


You may consider that hyperbole, but not if you’ve actually studied the 35-page report. I’ve read a lot of perjury indictments over the years, but I have never seen anywhere close to the number of ways in which the Inspector General of the Justice Department describes McCabe’s “lack of candor,” as he puts it about 50 times,” in describing the Democrat dirty trickster’s efforts to cover his slimy tracks.

First, some background on Andrew McCabe, a made member of the Clinton Crime Family. He was a modern bumkissing FBI bureaucrat – metrosexual pajama boy, skilled in sharpening pencils and shuffling papers, petrified by his own service weapon, which was most likely a .22. All McCabe ever did was brief – go to briefings, prepare briefings, deliver briefings, etc. His career on the street – brief, very, very brief.

And by the way, he claimed to be a “registered Republican” – you know, like Bob Mueller, James Comey, Bill Kristol, Nicole Wallace, Tall Deval, Jennifer Rubin etc. etc. etc.

Nobody had ever heard of McCabe until just before the 2016 election, when he was busted by the Wall Street Journal for the fact that his wife had grabbed $675,000 from Hillary Clinton operatives when she was running for a state Senate seat in Virginia a year earlier.

In the very ethical FBI of James Comey, the fact that Jill McCabe got $675,000 in Clinton cash made McCabe the logical person to oversee the feds’ criminal investigation of the racketeering organization known as the Clinton Foundation.

McCabe might not have been the best “special agent” for the broom job, but neither John “Zip” Connolly nor H. Paul Rico were available.

Bent as he was, McCabe naturally dreamed of becoming director someday – someday being Jan. 20, 2017, after his wife’s paymaster Hillary was inaugurated as president. So when he was busted, McCabe freaked out. The IG report describes him as “very unhappy” over the “incredibly damaging” report.

So he decided to follow in the footsteps of his hero Comey and start leaking lies, I mean positive information, about himself.

Alas, McCabe executed yet another poor decision – as his designated leaker he selected Lisa Page, the girlfriend of still another bent G-man, Peter Strzok. She’s identified in the IG’s report as “Special Counsel,” although it might have been more accurate to describe her as “The Other Woman.”

Anyway, Hillary lost the election and suddenly, trying to broom a massive Clinton corruption case was no longer considered a good career move – even in an agency as corrosively corrupt as the modern FBI.

The IG of the Justice Department began investigating the unauthorized leaks to make McCabe look good, and McCabe immediately started… “lacking candor,” as the report says.

Here are some of McCabe’s excuses, shall we say, as outlined in the report, with both direct quotes and narrative:

“Did not recall… no idea… ‘I don’t remember’… he was confused… ‘I don’t know what she’s referring to’… ‘not that I’m aware of’… he could not remember… ‘I don’t really want to get into discussing this’… ‘on further recollection, I remember authorizing’… ‘so, I misspoke’… claimed ignorance… ‘I was surprised…’”

The first few times the IG’s sleuths talked to him, it was informal. Then they realized he was behaving like the Clinton stooge that he is — lying his rear end off. They finally put him under oath, on May 9, 2017. Does that date ring a bell – it was the day Trump fired Comey, and McCabe became acting director of the FBI. It’s mentioned, without comment, in a footnote on page 15. Who says the IG doesn’t have a sense of irony?

In other words, in the morning of May 9 McCabe committed perjury multiple times, and in the afternoon he became acting FBI director. How’s that for a daily double? Not even J. Edgar Hoover ever managed that, at least not that we know of.

Here’s some more of the ways the IG describes McCabe’s perjury:

“provided a starkly different account… significant questions whether (McCabe) testified truthfully… none of the circumstantial evidence providence support for McCabe’s account… no other senior FBI official corroborated McCabe’s testimony… we do not credit his claim… we did not find this to be a persuasive explanation.”

He was a secret cover-up agent for Hillary Clinton. Were they expecting him to tell the truth?

I’ve never read anything like this in any federal document. Here’s another new narrative technique the IG used against this bent crooked-cop hack, damning his veracity by adverb:

“Extremely unlikely…wholly unpersuasive…demonstrably false… highly implausible… falsely told… falsely claimed… entirely unpersuasive.”

Lisa Page absolutely killed him with her texts – all the texts, that is, that weren’t pillow talk with her corrupt G-man boyfriend. What an organization the FBI has degenerated into, not that it was ever a bastion of integrity to begin with. Then, in the category of unkindest cut of all, Comey turned on his consigliere in the Clinton Crime Family – is there no honor in what President Trump called “this den of thieves of lowlifes?”

McCabe’s lawyer complained that the report “paints Director Comey as a white knight.” Wow! Oh how sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is, when the crooked cops turn on one other like this?

But McCabe was busted, and he finally cracked. Last Aug. 18, after he’d been removed in disgrace as director, he copped to everything. He’d been leaking ‘n’ lying in a Comey-like fashion. The investigators describe his confession:

“As nice as could be, he said yep, yep I did it… He kind of just looked down, kind of nodded, and said, yeah, I’m sorry.”

As the old country song goes, “Don’t tell you’re sorry, I know how sorry you are!”

Or, as President Trump might put it:


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