All the COVID heroes of yore are now being flattened

It’s unfortunate that anyone had to die from a Chinese virus. But the fact is, as skeptics have been saying all along, most of those who perished already had one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel.

It’s early, but this may be the quote of the year so far, from CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, because it puts the lie to everything they’ve been telling us about the Panic for the last two years:

“The overwhelming number of deaths, over 75%, occurred in people who had at least four comorbidities. So, really, these are people who were unwell to begin with.”

It’s unfortunate that anyone had to die from a Chinese virus. But the fact is, as skeptics have been saying all along, most of those who perished already had one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel.

Anyone paying attention to the daily grim milestones in the corporate media understood this very quickly. This is why the administration of Gov. Charlie Baker quickly tried to bury the devastating charts that showed the ages of the dead, and why one night his corrupt Department of Public Health abruptly removed 3,500 deaths from the nursing-home tolls.

Anything that didn’t fit the Panic Porn narrative had to be deep-sixed by the Ministry of Truth.

Walensky’s unforced confession came on ABC “News” — the Pravda of Panic Porn. After realizing just how devastating Walensky’s admission was, the Ministry of Truth began pushing back, claiming that her quote was taken “out of context.”

Problem is, she said it. Period. This wasn’t one of those 60 Minutes-Katie Couric type interviews, where the Democrat operatives with press passes cover jump cuts with, say, cutaways of the reporter or a wide shot. This was her speaking directly into the camera, and it’s killing the narrative.

The Deep State’s Cleanup in Aisle 5 involves pointing out that Walensky also said that while the vaccines “are working exceptionally well,” there are certain things that they can’t do.

“What they can’t do anymore is prevent transmissions.”

Anymore? Someone should clue in Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. She claimed exactly the opposite at that Supreme Court hearing Friday. She said workers “have to get vaccinated so that you’re not transmitting the disease.”

Which is totally false, if you believe Walensky. Will Kagan be suspended from YouTube for a week? Will Twitter cancel her?

How about Sonia Sotomayor, who thinks 100,000 children are hospitalized with COVID? Or Stephen Breyer, who somberly told the nation that there were “750,000,000 new COVID cases yesterday.”

You know, Sotomayor has acknowledged publicly that she’s an “affirmative action baby,” so maybe that explains her profound ignorance. But how do Kagan and Breyer explain their jaw-dropping stupidity? Didn’t all three go to Harvard?

The great thing about all this finger-pointing back and forth is that 100% Beautiful People are now turning on one another.

Walensky is bogged down in a two-front war, contradicting two of her BFF’s, both ABC “News” and Justice Kagan. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is sputtering in rage as she condemns her fellow travelers in the teachers’ union who want to keep their Christmas vacations going forever.

Closer to home, Mayor Michelle Wu is being heckled by city workers as she leaves her house in the morning as a “fascist” (or maybe it was “Faucist”)?

Moonbat-on-moonbat attacks! Pass the popcorn. It’s like the Iran-Iraq War — isn’t there some way they can all lose?

I got a call Tuesday from the New York Times. A reporter wanted to ask me about the end of Gov. Charlie Baker’s re-election campaign, and what I knew about the circumstances of how President Trump came to endorse his GOP opponent, ex-Rep. Geoff Diehl.

I was born at night, but not last night, so rather than speak to the crack scribe, I sent him links to my podcasts with the president after Parker threw in the towel on his doomed re-election campaign.

What I could have told him is that it wasn’t President Trump who killed Baker, or me, or state GOP chairman Jim Lyons, or anybody else.

Baker did it to himself. Like all the rest of the Trump-haters, he jumped into this now-imploding hoax with his eyes open. And now he leaves, his tail tucked between his legs, a worse failure as governor than Jane Swift or Mike Dukakis.

Sometimes, to quote Shakespeare, the fault is not in the stars, dear Brutus, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.

I ran into the president over the weekend. He gave me one of his hats and we had a few laughs, including about his almost flawless record of endorsing winners in Republican primaries.

“I think I’m like 168-2,” he said. “And the two I didn’t endorse, it turned out they were even more pro-Trump than the ones I did endorse.”

I told him about Charlie Baker’s sad new lame duck life, peddling shameless lies about Jan. 6, setting up vaccine passports, brooding in his office, Terry Malloy-like, about how he could have been a contender.

“The only other governor who was close to being as bad as Baker was (Maryland Gov. Larry) Hogan,” Trump said. “Kemp (Georgia) and Ducey (Arizona), they let us down, very disappointing, but they weren’t as bad as Hogan and Baker.”

He smiled.

“The only positive thing I can say about Baker is, at least he’s better looking than Hogan.”

Faint praise indeed, but Baker does have one other edge over his fellow bust-out.

“He’s a foot taller than Hogan,” I said.

All the COVID heroes of yore are now being flattened, just like the curve, one by one.

Dementia Joe, Anthony “I Am the Science” Fauci, the Cuomos, Charlie Baker. Karma, ain’t it grand?

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