A Rant from Anonymous…

A friend of mine sent me this rant today. I thought my listeners would appreciate it. He asked for animinity for obvious reasons. – Howie.

Waiting for a meeting to start so I had a few minutes to pull some numbers off the google machine.

Facts as of today, according to google:

Florida population 21.5 million, about 3x Mass which is just under 7 million.

Florida’s biggest city, Jacksonville, has a population over 900K, Boston’s is just under 700K

Massachusetts has 6300 Rona deaths.

Florida has 2200 Rona deaths.

Texas population is 29 million people, more than 4x the size of Massachusetts. They have 5 cities with populations bigger than Boston. 2 over a million and 1,  Houston, is over 2 million.

Texas has just over 1500 Rona deaths.

Florida few people wearing masks, and everything is open.

Texas is wide open and not a mask in sight. In fact some establishments are banning masks.

Massachusetts most people are wearing masks and most things are closed.

But the Massachusetts politicians, and a big chunk of the population,  say we are the ones doing things the right way and Florida and Texas (along with most of the states in the south and midwest) are run by a bunch of reckless redneck yahoos who don’t understand science and are wrong in everything they do. 

Crazy is the only word for this state.

We are the equivalent of a fat bastard lecturing a triathlete on how to take care of themselves.

This is madness.

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