A case of hit and run … for office

Poor Teresa — she had such high hopes. She seemed to have the perfect credentials for a modern Massachusetts Democrat candidate.

If you’re a political candidate and you have a deep dark secret in your past about, say, a hit-and-run accident, here are few things you shouldn’t do in your campaign:

You shouldn’t dismiss the stories as “rumors from less than reliable sources.”

But if you’re going to stick with the it’s-just-a-rumor canard, then you shouldn’t simultaneously halfway admit that it’s in fact true by dismissing it as just a “misunderstanding.”

You shouldn’t go on social media and pompously declare that “I don’t respect the choice of those who choose to drive recklessly.”

And most importantly, when someone mentions your leaving-the-scene rap on Facebook, you shouldn’t respond by issuing this challenge: “Do you have an accident report?”

Because, as a matter of fact, they do have an accident report!

I guess Teresa English, Democrat candidate for state rep in Billerica, didn’t get the memo, because she did all of the above, so what choice did the local Republicans have?

They released the accident report.

It turns out, this Teresa English was involved in a hit-and-run back in 2003. Her name was Pruett at the time, and here’s the last line from the Newport News, Va., incident report that she challenged her opponent, state Rep. Marc Lombardo, to release.

“Warrants for Ms. Pruett were obtained, served and she was released on $3,000 unsecured bond.”

Three thousand bucks — that’s not a low bond, especially for 2003.

After denying everything, once the incident report was posted on the Massachusetts GOP website, Teresa finally admitted to it … up to a point.

“My car hit another car.” Get that? She didn’t hit another car, her car did it.

“I stopped, pulled over,” she told the Herald, “and did not encounter the other driver.”

Um, that’s not what the police report says. According to the cops, the victim “advised that he pulled over and the other vehicle involved continued southbound.”

According to the would-be legislator: “I didn’t think about it until a police officer showed up at my door a week later.”

Funny, because the cops “observed damage to Ms. Pruett’s vehicle consistent with the damage to” the victim’s vehicle.

English did not return phone calls from me asking for comment. But she has accused Republicans of “weaponizing” her arrest, or fine, or moving violation, or whatever she’s now claiming her hit-and-run was.

This is what Democrats always do when they get busted. They attack their foes for “weaponizing” the scandal. That damn GOP — always seizing and pouncing on Democrat embarrassments.

Poor Teresa — she had such high hopes. She seemed to have the perfect credentials for a modern Massachusetts Democrat candidate.

Like the fake Indian, Michelle Wu, Ayanna Pressley, Katherine Clark, to name but a few, she’s a drifter who blew into the state and decided that politics was better than working for a living. She’s from Georgia, although she had Texas plates on her car when she was living in Virginia.

According to her LinkedIn profile she is now, among other things, a “Community Leader and Educator.”

But apparently being an “educator” doesn’t mean that she in fact teaches.

“Leaving the classroom to advocate for better teaching conditions, more equitable education for all, and improved funding.”

As all Democrats know, advocating for something is a lot better than actually working at whatever it is you’re advocating for. For one thing, the hours are a lot better.

She used to be in the military, which until this week was yet another one of her alibis for why what she admits she did couldn’t have happened.

“If I had done what the @massgop has accused me of doing, my rank and clearance would have been stripped.”

By the way, if you’re a voter in Billerica, you should know that Teresa is very proud of her association with Rep. Ayanna “Defund the Police” Pressley, formerly of Chicago, now of Dorchester.

“I’m honored,” English said last month, “to have taken the Pressley Policy Pledge!”

That pledge includes endorsing cancellation of student debt, a “federal job guarantee” (everybody can be an advocate!) and the “People’s Justice Guarantee.”

I’m sure Teresa could bond with Ayanna’s jailbird husband. They can commiserate together over the indignities of getting lugged by the local constabulary.

If you’re interested in her educational credentials, English has studied at both Clayton State University as well as the world-renowned Middle Georgia State University. She has a master’s degree from the very prestigious “Western Governors University” in Utah. It’s an online university, if you know what I mean.

Teresa English must feel really foolish, because how often do Democrats ever get busted in the media these days?

Even the most horrific acts by Democrats, much worse than her hit-and-run, are routinely covered up, or totally broomed, by state-run media. Right now, what seems to be a major unreported scandal is being spiked by a major local media outlet.

You see, it involves a candidate who’s a member of a protected class, a politician who has been endorsed by the wokest of the woke in local politics.

If the story were to be reported now, before the primary, the Beautiful People who are supporting this reprobate (as well as sliming his opponent) would be even more embarrassed than they were when Monica Cannon-Grant was indicted, after all their slobbering hagiography about that race-hustling grifter.

Let’s see if this scoop ever runs — my bet is that it won’t, but I hope I’m wrong.

As for Teresa English, maybe you’d have better luck in politics if you moved back to Virginia, or Georgia or Texas or wherever the hell you parachuted in from. Maybe you could “advocate” for Beto or Stacey Abrams.

But Teresa, if anybody in Billerica this weekend asks you about that hit-and-run that you tried to say never happened, maybe you should just tell them that the local Republicans “sideswiped” you — just like you did to that other driver in Newport News.

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