500,000 refunds coming your way means Question 1 is a joke!

If you’re a taxpayer in Massachusetts, keep an eye on your bank account or mail box these next few days.

If you’re a taxpayer in Massachusetts, keep an eye on your bank account or mail box these next few days.

An amazing, once-in-a-lifetime occurrence is about to happen.

You are going to get a kiss in the mail from the Department of Revenue (DOR) – about 14% of whatever you paid in state income taxes for 2021.

About 500,000 of these unprecedented refunds should be out by the end of the week. I wish the DOR had been able to get the money back to all 3 million of us in the state who actually work for a living before the election six days from now, but hey, that’s the hackerama for you.

The good news is, if the electorate is paying attention, even these first half-million or so refunds should disprove once and for all the lie that is propelling referendum Question 1 – that the hacks need another billion-plus in tax money to pay for “education” and “transportation.”

If ever there was a reason to vote NO on Question 1, it’s the fact that the state is now so historically flush with cash that it is required under law to return almost $3 billion to the taxpayers.

Get the word out! Let your neighbors know about the money that’s coming their way, and why.

You need the money more than the hacks do. The Democrats are trying to crash the nation’s economy. Look at the rampant inflation since January 2021 — the cost of fuel oil, gasoline, electricity, kerosene, candy… everything!

The Democrats don’t care. They all have phoney-baloney no-show jobs. They “telecommute.” They have trust funds. And behind the six-figure jobs come the 80% pensions with health care.

And yet they want YOU to pay more taxes. But only if you’re a millionaire – wink wink nudge nudge.

Here’s how this week’s DOR refunds work.

The state income tax rate is 5%. So if you made $100,000 last year, you paid $5,000 in taxes to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

So now, under the formula, you will soon be getting back 14% of that $5,000 — $700.

If you made $200,000, you will get back $1,400. And so on.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t a handout, which is what Democrats get. It’s not welfare. It’s a refund, because it’s your money that the state stole from you and is now being forced to return. (And God, are the Democrats angry about it!)

Please, if you have an opportunity these next few days, try to explain these refunds to any poor souls in your own circle who, say, read the Globe, or watch local TV news – low-info voters, in other words.

They have likely been confused by all the millions of dollars in ads and social media that the hackerama is spending around the clock on their Question 1 grift.

The welfare-industrial complex has collected more than $27 million to promote this latest heist – more than double what the so-called millionaires have to work with. That tells you a lot right there — that the takers, the non-producers, already have twice as much money as the producers.

Once you get over the thrill of getting something back from the same state that is always trying to beggar you, doesn’t a larger question arise?

The question being, should the state be considering an 80% hike in the income tax at the same moment that it’s being forced, under a 1986 law known as Chapter 62F, to give almost $3 billion back to the same people the payroll patriots claim aren’t paying their “fair share?”

“It’s amazing,” said Republican candidate for auditor Anthony Amore, “that Massachusetts could be sending money back because it collected too much from the taxpayers while simultaneously demanding more tax revenues from those same people.”

Amazing, but not surprising. It’s the hackerama.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, this windfall for the working classes (and tragedy for Democrats) is occurring because of the late Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT). In 1986, her group sponsored its own referendum question, requiring the return of any over-collections of tax revenue, based on a complicated formula.

It was a big surprise when 62F finally kicked in, and no one was more surprised than the hacks who are pushing their graduated-income tax con at the ballot box for the sixth time since 1962.

They claim the money would be “earmarked” for transportation and education. We’ve been over this before, but now that the refunds are going out, it bears repeating.

For starters, nothing can be earmarked. Next, the state already spends more than almost any other state on both transportation and education. And how much do you trust the Democrats who will be running the state come January, considering that the state GOP has pretty much already conceded the governorship to the radical left?

How much can you trust anybody at the State House? They told you the tolls on the Pike were ending in 1987 – how’s that one working out for you?

In 2000 the electorate voted to cut the state income tax rate from 6.25% to 5%. The hacks finally got around to accepting the voters’ mandate in 2020 – 31 years after the Legislature approved the increase to 6.25% as part of an “18-month emergency.”

As for “transportation,” you know what that means. More don’t-kill-the-job boondoggles, like the ones that Brandon is already promoting on the federal level, which is driving inflation higher and higher.

You want an example of how wisely this money is being spent?

Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School just got $395,000 – for one electric school bus. That includes $20,000 for a single charging station. It’s all part of the EPA’s “Clean School Bus Rebates,” under the “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”

What could possibly go wrong? What’s the over-under on how many days the magic bus will be in service before it a) catches fire, b) can’t get up a hill or c) just doesn’t start because the temperature goes below 40 degrees.

Question 1 would give the local hacks billions more for their own clean school bus rebates.

Anyway, the check’s in the mail. When you get it, just remember Barbara Anderson fondly for a moment, and then explain Question 1 to a low-info voter or two.

Vote No on Question 1.

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