BREAKING: Did Robert Mueller conspire to keep four innocent men framed by the FBI in prison for life for a murder they did not commit? The Boston Globe and a longtime member of the MA Parole Board say YES.

Did Robert Mueller, the special counsel who is currently trying to frame President Donald Trump, take part in a much earlier FBI frame up that sent four innocent men to prison for more than 30 years, and resulted in an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment?

The answer appears to be yes. This is not Mueller’s first frame up.

This is a mugshot of Teddy Deegan, a minor Boston hoodlum who ended up murdered in an alley in Chelsea in March 1965.

The Boston office of the FBI knew about the murder – as soon as it happened.

Then, a few days after the cold-blooded slaying, FBI agent H. Paul Rico, who would later die in a prison hospital in Oklahoma after being arrested for a gangland hit in Tulsa, sent an “Airtel” to J. Edgar Hoover giving him even more background on the hit, including the identity of the actual murderers.

But Rico and the rest of the corrupt FBI-Justice Dept. criminals had a sinister plan in mind. They wanted to protect the real killers, especially serial killer Joe “the Animal” Barboza, whom they had just recruited as one of their first top-level Mob informants.

The G-men also wanted to protect another of the hitmen, Vincent “Jimmy the Bear” Flemmi. The Bear would get special treatment because his brother, Stevie “the Rifleman” Flemmi, had also just been recruited as a snitch for the FBI.

So the feds decided to frame four guys from the North End who had nothing to do with the murder. One of them, Joe “the Horse” Salvati, hadn’t contributed to Barboza’s bail fund on an earlier pinch, so Barboza, the “witness,” avenged the slight by putting the Horse in the death car. Louie Greco, a World War II hero, had been in Florida the night of the murder, and could prove it, but he was still convicted of first-degree murder! The other three were found guilty of being accessories and conspirators in the murder.

Limone Salvati Tameleo Greco

Besides Greco and Salvati, the other two men convicted in state court in 1968 were Peter Limone, an up-and-coming Mafia gangster, and Henry Tameleo, who served as the eyes and ears of New England LCN godfather Raymond L.S. Patriarca in Boston. After a kangaroo-court trial in Boston, two of the four were sentenced to death, and the other two got life terms at MCI-Walpole.

Throughout the decades, the FBI remained silent, even though the exonerating evidence, including the names of the real killers, was contained in their files.

In 1973 Vinnie Teresa, another Mob turncoat, wrote a bestselling book, “My Life in the Mafia.” He laid out the entire railroading of the four men, but they continued to languish in prison. In the 1980’s, their lawyers tried to get them parole or commutations, but the feds, despite knowing the truth (like everyone else in Boston) continued to try to muscle the state Parole Board and the Governor’s Council (which handled pardons and commutations) into keeping the innocent men in prison.

Often, the FBI would send two of the Boston office most corrupt agents (and there were several!) to the Parole Board to try to intimidate members into not freeing the innocent men. Both G-men were on Whitey Bulger’s payroll. One was John “Vino” Morris, who admitted to taking $7,000 in bribes from Whitey and Stevie Flemmi, and who in 1982 fingered two FBI informants so that Whitey could whack them on Northern Avenue in South Boston.

The other agent charged with keeping the innocent men imprisoned for life was John “Zip” Connolly, who is now imprisoned in a state prison in Florida until 2040 for his role in a Whitey Bulger-sanctioned gangland hit in Miami in 1982.

Now, come on down Robert Mueller.

Mueller was acting US attorney in Boston in 1986-87. According to multiple sources, Mueller himself wrote letters to the Parole Board demanding that the innocent men not be released, despite the overwhelming evidence of their innocence.

Here is a link to a 2011 story from the Boston Globe laying out the case against Mueller.

Here is Michael Albano, a former member of the Parole Board, as well as a former mayor of Springfield and the Governor’s Council, on my show talking about the letters from “Special Counsel” Mueller.

Two of the men – Tameleo and Greco – died in prison. Salvati and Limone were eventually freed, and all four men (or their estates) were awarded a total of $102 million by a federal judge (a classmate of Bill and Hillary Clinton at Yale Law School) for their false imprisonment based on perjured testimony purchased by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The 302’s above showing that the FBI knew that the men were innocent were not released until 2003 – 38 years after the murder. The House of Representatives had to threaten then Atty. Gen. John Ashbrook with contempt of Congress to pry the incriminating documents out of the always-corrupt Justice Department.

This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest scandal in the scandal-ridden history of the FBI. And Bob Mueller was apparently right in the middle of it!

We have filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the state Parole Board to obtain Mueller’s letters from the 1980’s, and we will share them with you as soon as they are released to us.


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