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Jeb Bush

GOP voters won’t stampede for Jeb ‘RINO’ Bush

Jeb Bush is running for president. Be still my heart!   The only question is, can he beat Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primaries?   Boy, John Ellis Bush really knows how to throw a wet blanket on the holiday season. He’s forming an “exploratory committee,” and has anyone ever “explored” running for president and then decided not to?   Yes, Jeb is being “urged” to run. By his father and his brother. The former Florida governor has already lost 15 pounds so you know he’s serious.   He’s a RINO’s RINO, a guy who in April said of illegal aliens: “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a […]

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The Kosilek Decision

In a victory for taxpayers, a Massachusetts court ruled Tuesday that wife-killer Robert “Michelle” Kosilek is not entitled to a taxpayer-funded sex change operation. Here’s the decision.  

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Harvard Students Suffering Nervous Break-Downs?

A Harvard student reports that he is experiencing what can only be described as a nervous break-down in the wake of recent grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Mo. and New York City. In an op-ed for, William Desmond, purportedly a 3rd year law student at Harvard Law School and an editor of the Harvard Law Review, defends Ivy League students’ decision to request exam delays. Please read Mr. Desmond’s op-ed [Trigger Warning: This is quite possibly the worst piece of writing that has ever emerged from a 3rd year law student.] Over the last week, much has been said about law students’ petitioning for exam extensions in light of […]

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Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr

Never let the facts get in the way of a good story

“Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.”   You used to hear that occasionally in newsrooms, but the difference between then and now is, in the old days, they were kidding.   Now, not so much. As the UVa rape story in the rag known as Rolling Stone has fallen apart, the “rape advocates” and moonbats have closed ranks, defending the fable rather than the facts.   A student editor at UVa, Julia Horowitz, stuck up for Rolling Stone “journalist” Sabrina Rubin Erdely, writing that, “To let fact-checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake.”   In other words, never let the facts get […]

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Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr

You can always tell a Harvard man

These have been a tough couple of weeks for all us Harvard men.   What? You didn’t know I’m a Harvard man. It’s the veritas. Back in the 80’s, I went to Harvard Law School. Every morning I’d drop my kids off – at the Harvard Law School day care center.   Years later, I became a professor at the JFK School of Government. Well, okay, so I wasn’t exactly a professor, I just conducted a single five-week seminar about, well, I can’t quite remember what now. The first day of class, I had to cross a picket line to get into Camelot High. The pampered pukes were protesting my […]

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Jonathan Gruber

Gruber hearing revenge on the nerd

This was Rep. Elijah Cummings yesterday on the subject of Jonathan Gruber, the millionaire moonbat MIT professor:   “As far as I can tell, we are here today to beat up on Jonathan Gruber.”   Mission accomplished!   Remember the movie “Revenge of the Nerds?” This hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee was “Revenge on the Nerd.”   Poor Gruber. Now he lives in a $1.12-million mansion in Lexington. It’s on Pleasant Street, but it wasn’t very pleasant yesterday for Goober.   He looks like an adult version of the kind of kid who had his lunch bag stomped on more than once by the bad boys. […]

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Congress Benghazi

Get ready for Jonathan Gruber to infect Obamacare

Dr. Jonathan Gruber has a one-word description of all the millions of people who are angry with him.   “Haters.”   How Cambridge is it? This arrogant Ph.D. gets paid millions to take a wrecking-ball to the best health-care system in the world, then takes a victory lap around the country, making hundreds of thousands more to brag how he and the rest of the Obamatrons had lied, and getting away because of the “stupidity of the American voters.”   In other words, Obama voters. Because they’re the only ones who believed Obama when he said that if you liked your doctor you could keep him.   And now if […]

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Mexico TV Borderland

State Babel-ing on about welfare

Do you believe that 80 percent of welfare recipients of Massachusetts speak English as their native language?   No? Me neither, but that’s what the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) claims in their “Language Access Plan.”   The DTA actually seems proud of its record of promoting welfare dependence. Its webpage boasts that “one in every eight residents of Massachusetts” – 884,000 people – are on the dole. What an accomplishment!   Anyway, this DTA document (available on the Internet) is almost two years old now. It’s supposed to be updated next month. Given the hordes of illegals that have swarmed into the U.S. under Obama, do you think the […]

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