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‘Group’ plan next best thing to fake disability for hacks

It all started with Bill Delahunt….   No, I don’t mean the fiasco of “medical” marijuana in Massachusetts, although, yes, that too did begin with the hack’s hack ex-state rep, district attorney and Congressman getting 3 of the state’s 20 licenses last year after the traditional nationwide search.   But long before he morphed into a drug kingpin, the barefoot boy from Marina Bay was in the middle of the controversy involving Group 4 pensions.   Group 4 – they’re not just for cops and firefighters anymore. For hacks, it’s not as good as going out on a fake disability, but it’s close. And with a Group 4 you don’t […]

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Bloodthirsty? Try John Kerry’s Nantucket menu choices

Leave it to John Forbes Kerry to identify one of the root causes of terrorism — the lack of gourmet dining opportunities in the Islamist terrorist, I mean “violent extremist,” community.   This blindingly brilliant insight from America’s Gigolo came last week at the White House Don’t-Call-It-Islamic-Terrorism Conference.   This is the confab where Obama again mentioned America’s Muslim founding fathers. You know, like Osama Ben Franklin. Then they floated their Jobs for Jihadis program for the genocidal ethnic cleansers, I mean aspiring rappers, who are turning their lives around.   You’ve surely seen the list of proposed new Islamist anti-poverty agencies: Be-Head Start, the Jobs Corpse, etc.   But […]

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Deval, take all of your 
failures and hit the road

How can we miss him when he won’t go away?   Hasn’t Deval Patrick done enough already? Even in the midst of this latest disaster of his – the hackerama known as the MBTA – the worst governor in Massachusetts history is still garnering undeserved accolades. For the sake of political correctness, everyone in polite society feels compelled to avert his eyes from the chaos and corruption Deval leaves behind in his wake.   The fiction must be maintained, despite all available evidence to the contrary, that the 65-inch high emperor is wearing clothes.   Now he gets to deliver the commencement address at Harvard University in May. He is, […]

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