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Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr

Cult of climate change at it again

Where the hell is Al Gore? Why isn’t he out there, holding a press conference to explain this latest inconvenient truth?   So here we are, reeling from another blizzard, the greatest storm of the century to hit Massachusetts since way back in 2013, and guess what?   The global-warming cultists are blaming it on, what else, global warming. Excuse me, climate change.   Here’s the headline yesterday in one of the UK’s leading moonbat broadsheets:   “Climate change responsible for super-charging winter storms, scientists say.”   Homer Simpson used to say, “Donuts! Is there anything they can’t do?”   Listen Homer, donuts got nothing on global warming, er climate […]

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Barack Obama

No child’s college fund left behind

If you work for a living, Barack Obama is looking to rob you – again. This time he and his Democrat kleptocrats are after your 529’s. Those are the states’ college-savings plans, where you can invest money you’ve earned (and paid taxes on) into mutual funds for your children’s college educations.

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Amore: A Poke in the Eye

Think what you will of the often embattled but always tanned Speaker of the House John Boehner, it was well within his authority to invite Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress in a joint session without going through the White House. Last I checked, each of the three branches of our government are still equal (at least in theory) and, as Speaker, extending an offer to address Congress is within his right.

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