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T shakeup more like a shuffle

When it comes to the MBTA, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.   I always thought that when a new administration came in, they were supposed to clean house. New hacks for old hacks, you might say. But in this long MBTA winter nightmare that is the legacy of bust-out Gov. Deval Patrick, the new GOP regime is merely shuffling the deck.   The other day I spotted the name of Thom Dugan on an MBTA document. Strange, I thought, I recalled a Deval coatholder of that same name who had a hack job (“director of budget”) at the state Department of Transportation.   Guess what – […]

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‘Group’ plan next best thing to fake disability for hacks

It all started with Bill Delahunt….   No, I don’t mean the fiasco of “medical” marijuana in Massachusetts, although, yes, that too did begin with the hack’s hack ex-state rep, district attorney and Congressman getting 3 of the state’s 20 licenses last year after the traditional nationwide search.   But long before he morphed into a drug kingpin, the barefoot boy from Marina Bay was in the middle of the controversy involving Group 4 pensions.   Group 4 – they’re not just for cops and firefighters anymore. For hacks, it’s not as good as going out on a fake disability, but it’s close. And with a Group 4 you don’t […]

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