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State slogans show sad state of affairs

My favorite state slogan was “Make It in Massachusetts.” Short, catchy, positive – no wonder Mike Dukakis couldn’t deep-six it fast enough when he regained power.   The Duke was too busy handing out bogus Social Security numbers to illegal aliens. His slogan was “Fake It in Massachusetts.” If you can fake it here, you can fake it anywhere.   The current state slogan is “It’s All Here.” Meaningless and weak, like everything else Gov. Deval Patrick touched. So now the Baker administration wants a new slogan, preferably with “Massachusetts” in it.   That’s tough, because it’s a long word. Takes up about half of a license plate all by […]

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You think Deval Patrick would revisit Benjamin LaGuer investment?

Ben Laguer – Deval Patrick’s worst investment ever, and that’s saying something for the “managing director” of Bain Capital with the reverse Midas touch.   Laguer is the savage rapist the bust-out ex-governor gave $5000 to back in 2002. The money helped pay for the DNA test Laguer claimed would prove he was the victim of a racist frame in a 1983 Leominster rape.   The tests of course absolutely confirmed Laguer’s guilt. So now the monster is claiming that the results were “mishandled.”   Now Laguer comes up for another hearing before the Parole Board tomorrow. If he gets cut loose – very unlikely – do you suppose Deval […]

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