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12-23-12  Christmas trees  1 Dartmouth- John George Jr. from Georges Farm in Dartmouth talks about the sales of Christmas trees this season.     photo by David W. Oliveira/Standard-Times speciall

By George, now it’s time to pay the piper

Ex-Rep. John George Jr. is a crooked Democrat, and next month he begins his 80-month federal prison sentence for embezzling hundreds of thousands in public money – so far this is strictly a dog-bites-man story, right?   At age 69, the Bristol County farmer/felon made many mistakes during his sordid life of crime. For instance, for his trial he hired a jailbird lawyer whose own mobbed-up once-disbarred name can be found on the Bureau of Prisons inmate locator. (William Cintolo, BOP number 14829-038.)   Then, after taking the stand in his own defense (which guaranteed his conviction), George had at least two fellow State House corrupt hacks write letters to […]

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Republican presidential candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, speaks during a town hall style campaign stop, at the VFW in Englewood, Colo., Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Jeb apologies dropping as fast as poll position

How many more languages can Juan Ellis Bush say I’m sorry in?   Even Barack Obama waited until after he was elected president to begin his world apology tour. (Remember America’s “Muslim founding fathers?”)   Juan’s poll numbers are lower than whale excrement, and dropping. But he’s still running around the country, sticking his foot in his mouth on any almost daily basis. Just google “Jeb Bush” and “misspoke.”   Wanted to cut off all funding to Planned Parenthood – he “misspoke.”   On a voter-registration form in Miami, he listed himself as “Hispanic.” He apologized.   He said aliens are “more fertile” than citizens. Another apology followed.   His […]

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Former FBI agent John Connolly listens during his arraignment hearing at the the Richard E. Gerstein Justice building Monday, July 18, 2005, in Miami. (AP Photo/The Miami Herald, Carl Juste, Pool)

Zip tied up in appeals

Zip Connolly always dreamed of watching a Hollywood movie about himself, and now his wish is about to come true.   Alas, this screen gem is not about the heroism of the “decorated hero fed,” as the bent cop always so modestly described himself. It’s about the serial killer who owned him – Whitey Bulger. Tough break for Zip, who in his prime made a training video advising young G-men in training at Quantico, “Never try to out-gangster a gangster.”   Now, in his dotage, doing life in the Florida Panhandle for one of Whitey’s contract hits, Zip tries to out-lawyer the lawyers.   And the hero G-man is having […]

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Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr

We used to frown on fraud

It used to be against the law to commit welfare fraud in Massachusetts.   Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. Not only did the taxpayers keep close tabs on layabouts, but you could be thrown in jail if you didn’t… work.   Work! There, I said it. The ultimate dog-whistle four-letter word – work.   I came across this forgotten world recently, in the Herald’s library of old clippings. I was searching for information about some long-dead associate of the Kennedy Crime Family.  As I thumbed through the yellowing files, I noticed an envelope with these astonishing words typed across the top:   STURNIOLO CHARLES – WELFARE FRAUD […]

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(081915 Derry, NH) Republican candidate for President  Donald Trump speaks to the media before a town hall in Derry, NH. (Wednesday,August 19, 2015). Staff Photo by Nancy Lane

Booze Bros. ‘inspired’ by Fenway more than Donald Trump

First of all, I deplore the beating of the Hispanic bum in Southie. I say throw the book at the two thug brothers who are giving new meaning to that ancient rhyme, “Four (or in this case two) on one is Southie fun.”   But if Donald Trump is going to be grilled about “inspiring” these two dirtballs because one of them mentioned him after relieving himself on the floor in the holding cell, what about the owner of the Boston Globe, John Henry? It’s his leading the charge to link the rascally Republican frontrunner to this heinous attack.   I ask this because of the legally-mandated question, where did […]

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Donald Trump leaves for lunch after serving on jury duty in New York, Monday, Aug. 17, 2015. Trump was due to report for jury duty Monday in Manhattan. The front-runner said last week before a rally in New Hampshire that he would willingly take a break from the campaign trail to answer the summons. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Pitiful RINOs charge, but Donald Trump swats them away

It’s not that Donald Trump is that good, it’s that most of the GOP hacks he’s running against are that bad.   The more these illegal-alien-coddling Republicans-in-name-only attack Trump, the stronger he becomes. Every knock a boost. It’s the Hotel California all over again: “They stab it with their steely knives. But they just can’t kill the beast.”   Consider the collection of frauds Trump has decimated over the past few weeks: Karl Rove and the rest of the GOP consultant class, The Wall Street Journal and Fox News, the Chamber of Commerce, the Bush family, the Sununus, squirrelly Silicon Valley billionaires, Ron and Rand Paul, the spineless sellouts in […]

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