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Charlie Baker fails to hack in

Is Gov. Charlie Baker doing enough outreach to the hack community?   This is a serious question. The Republicans have an historic opportunity to solidify their base in the working communities of Massachusetts, and they’re not making the most of it.   This week The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial about Hillary Clinton. After listing the weaknesses of her declared opponent, ex-Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, the paper finally dismissed him:   “He also has the liability of his birth as a straight white male.”   Well, there it is, finally out in the open. What future does “a straight white male” have in the modern Democrat party? The […]

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Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr

Hey riders: We’re all tired of what you are peddling

If it comes down to a fight between the whining bicyclist on the Longfellow Bridge and the state trooper who told him that “we really don’t care” about bike lanes, I guess you know whose side I’m on.   State Trooper X was speaking for everybody in the state who’s not a spandex-clad, wimpy-goateed, pajama-boy trustafarian who’s got nothing better to do but complain about how “his” lane is being blocked.   A traffic lane in Boston is blocked and somebody complains to a cop – ridiculous. Even more ridiculous when the lane is being blocked by the cop’s own police vehicle.   “It’s just a dangerous scenario,” the twit […]

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Elizabeth Warren

From Fauxcahontas to the coal miner’s granddaughter

It’s one thing for Hillary Clinton to lift Granny Warren’s applause lines, but now she’s speaking with forked tongue about her grandparents, just like the fake Indian does.   You know how Fauxcahontas says she’s an Indian because her grandma told her she had “high cheekbones?” And how her parents had to elope because her paternal grandparents were angry that their son was marrying a “breed?” (Funny, the newlyweds had a big wedding party in their hometown right after they got married in the biggest church in the next town over. Somebody’s got their smoke signals crossed.)   Now Hillary is out in Iowa making it up about her grandparents, […]

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New poll shows opposition running strong against Boston 2024 Olympics

For 2024, poll says winning fans a Herculean task   The voters of Massachusetts are now rejecting any use of public funds to bail out the 2024 summer Olympics by a margin of 66-24, according to a new poll for my radio network by Gravis Marketing.   The poll of 2182 state residents, conducted last Thursday and Friday, indicates the magnitude of the challenge facing Boston 2024 to convince taxpayers that the Olympics are worth billions in taxpayer funds.   John Fish, the chairman of Boston 2024, did not return a call seeking comment yesterday.   Gravis, a Florida-based non-partisan research firm, included the Olympic questions as part of a […]

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