Trump Rape Verdict Another Front-Page Biden Band-Aid

Donald Trump was found liable in his rape trial.

No, he wasn’t found guilty of rape, but that doesn’t matter for the millions of Americans who rely on less-than-honest media.

“Donald Trump did it,” reads the CBS headline. He’s “liable,” says The New York Times.

Accuser E. Jean Carroll is a winner according to CNN. Donald Trump is a loser according to the Wall Street Journal.

As far as low- and no-info voters are concerned, Donald Trump was charged with rape. He was found liable. It’s all over the front page. End of story.

Donald Trump took to Truth Social to decry the verdict, but for those who only glance over click-baity headlines and call it news consumption, his all-caps post would fall flat.

In reality, the jury found President Trump not guilty of magazine writer E. Jean Carroll’s flimsy sexual assault charge—a narration eerily close to the script of a Law & Order episode that ran years before she first publicly revealed her story. The jury instead found him liable for sexual abuse—which does not necessitate physical contact—and defamation.

For which he now owes her $5 million.

The jury deliberated quickly. They seemed to have their minds made up. Defendant Donald Trump had little confidence from the start, pointing out the jury pool wasn’t exactly pro-MAGA.

There’s something else highly coincidental and mightily convenient about the Trump rape trial verdict. The jury decided just in the nick of time so that mainstream media publications could give all that front-page space to Trump and ignore what should be the biggest story of the day: the Biden Crime Family bombshell.

For about a week, the House Oversight Committee teased yesterday morning’s press conference led by Chairman James Comer (R-KY). The duo had filed obtained bank records through subpoena proving that the Bidens had pocketed millions of dollars in pro-CCP influence-peddling.

This should be a major scandal. If only we had a press that was not corrupt.

And there was yet another distraction to the Comer press conference served up by the Deep State: in a complete coincidence, about an hour before the news conference began, the feds indicted Rep. George Santos, the crazy freshman Republican from Long Island.

Nobody had ever heard of the guy before last November, but suddenly he’s Public Enemy Number One—because the feds needed another sideshow.

After his initial court appearance on Long Island, he pointed out to the press that he was charged with $24,000 in unemployment fraud while the nine members of the Biden family pocketed $10 million from sinister foreign nationals—and the GOP House members have the bank records to prove it.

The news media in New York laughed at him. You could hear their guffaws on the audiotape.

The Deep State employed almost the same tactics of distraction a mere six weeks ago, but they’re hoping you forgot. Allow me to refresh your memory.

On Monday, March 27, a transgender mass murderer slaughtered six victims in a horrific, selfish death wish at a Nashville Christian elementary school. She left a manifesto detailing her motive and plan of attack.

Recall, we never did see that manifesto. How come? Just when journalists and pundits got antsy, wondering why the FBI confiscated it and why they wouldn’t release its contents, things changed.

By Thursday afternoon, anchors stopped asking about Audrey Hale. Copywriters picked a different catastrophic chyron. Friday’s front page editors found something better:


The charges? Weak. The location? Conveniently anti-Trump (also New York). The circumstances? Unprecedented.

Notice, we still don’t have that manifesto. Even the gun-confiscation gang stopped using the Covenant School as the Left’s latest bloody shirt. The Trump indictment took over the news cycle for days, through his arraignment the following Tuesday.

And the average American, entranced by last night’s Trump rape verdict, is paying very little attention to Rep. James Comer’s damning press conference Wednesday. Funny how that works.

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