Official Mass State Police Internal Affairs Reports on Recent Drunken Scandals

Remember Trooper Andrew Patterson, a/k/a the Foxboro Flasher? He’s now retired with a tax-free lifetime pension of $65,000+ a year, which will continue for his widow after he dies in 40-50 years.

Here are the two MSP internal affairs reports about his antics, first in Las Vegas in early June 2019, then two weeks later at a Luke Bryan concert in Foxboro, where he was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct, among other crimes.

MA State Police Internal Affairs Report – January 24, 2020
MA State Police Internal Affairs Report – February 5, 2020

His sidekick in both benders was Trooper Stephen Thomson, who banged in sick two nights in Vegas, and told civilians in Foxboro who were tired of being groped and abused by the thirst responder Patterson, “You’re bleeped! We’re cops!”

Thomson was not punished for telling civilians they were bleeped, but he was docked days off and transferred from his coveted F Troop assignment at Logan Airport for falsely calling in sick.

Despite his disgrace, Thomson made $198,000 last year.

Both Internal Affairs reports were written by Lt. Laura Hayes, who is now retired with an annual pension of $129,000 a year.

Below, find Patterson’s filing for “disability” retirement.

MA State Trooper Andrew Patterson’s Application for Disability Retirement