Alleged Foxboro Flasher over the line

How corrupt are the Massachusetts State Police?

That was the first question I wanted to ask Trooper Andrew Patterson, the (accused) Foxboro Flasher, but he hung up on me yesterday afternoon as soon as I identified myself.

I was going to inquire of Trooper Patterson, does he think there’s any other employer in the world other than the nation’s most corrupt law-enforcement agency that would not have fired a depraved fiend like him four months ago, the day after he was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct – to wit, masturbating in front of a woman while drunk at a country-music concert, punching a male concert-goer in the nose after telling him he had a “nice ass,” and then eating some popcorn of the guy he was drunkenly hitting on.

I always say, the motto of the MSP has gone from To Protect and Serve to To Protect and Steal, or maybe To Protect and Sleep.

The Foxboro Flasher, though, has come up with a new one: To Protect and Overserve.

The worst thing of all was, after two solid years of one sordid State Police scandal after another, the fix was absolutely in at Wrentham District Court Thursday morning. The state cops – some of them, anyway – think they’re above the laws.

It was going to be one of those infamous closed-door clerk magistrate hearings, as crooked as an Adam Schiff “impeachment” hearing.

In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

The trooper, who made $149,746.47 last year, did not bring his wife with him. (She was with him at the Luke Bryan concert, when he told the guy he later punched in the face that he had a nice ass.) He also didn’t bring with his good buddy and fellow trooper, Stephen “Do you know who I am?” Thomson, who flashed his badge at the civilians when the going got tough that night.

Trooper Thomson made $158,374.39 last year, and through Oct. 12 has already grabbed $144,243. (The Foxboro Flasher is going to be way down this year – he’s “only” made $109,158, because he hasn’t collected a lot of OT since June 21.)

I got the tip Wednesday morning, and I considered my options for a moment. Then I called Ch. 5, because these guys – both the cops and the hacks at the courthouses – are so arrogant that I was afraid that if it were only one media outlet there, they might go ahead and broom the case anyway.

I mean, if they had, who was going to hold these thugs’ jackboots to the fire? Certainly not the corrupt governor, not as long as F Troop is still holding onto that incident report on his son’s alleged groping incident at Logan Airport last year.

The sad thing is that most of the troopers are decent, honest people. Granted, they’re severely overpaid, but hey, they seen their opportunities and they took ‘em, to coin a phrase.

I understand that there comes a night, as Rudyard Kipling wrote, when the best gets tight. But dammit, I know what would happen to me or you if we ever did something like this. Hell, look what happened to Bob Kraft – they’re still dragging him through the mud.

This Patterson perv behaved much, much worse than Kraft, in a public place, in front of children, and was one phone call away from getting totally away with it.

In the police report, you read about cops from Foxboro, Boxboro and Wrentham. What do you think they’ve been talking about since June 21? You think most of the cops in the state didn’t know about this? Seriously, is this a good look for the MSP.

I understand, until yesterday things had been looking up for the troopers. It had been over a month since a statie had been indicted – for that shootout on the Expressway. None of the dozens of sticky-fingered bent cops from the now-disbanded Troop E have been sent to prison for two months.

Patterson, according to the Foxboro PD, “was extremely intoxicated and his speech was thick and slurred.” As the victim posted on Facebook, the trooper was a “sick bastard (who) even pulled out his (eggplant emoji).”

He continued, “He’s moved on to being a Joe Biden to the young girls in here, honestly hhe’s lucky I haven’t smashed a chair on this frat boy.”

Hey, Tall Deval, I don’t care what F Troop has got on your sleazy kid, it’s time to bust up this criminal conspiracy once and for all.