Self-awareness is an underrated commodity in our current world.

Just today for example, the extreme LACK of self-awareness I’ve witnessed before 1 pm is both amusing and alarming.

I’ve already watched Bill Clinton give this advice to people considering a Presidential run: “If you want to be president, realize its about the people, not about you.”

*cough Hillary cough*

I’ve also read a tweet from celebrity and so-called “feminist” Chelsea Handler, in which she manages to tear down another woman with foul and derogatory language.

Real nice. Girl power in full force. Right Chelsea?


But the most stunning lack of self-awareness award of the day has got to go to Donna Brazile.

If you haven’t seen the cover of her new book, either look away or get a trash bin at the ready.

Oh my God…the title of the book is… HACKS? The woman who was busted for sending debate questions to Hillary Clinton is writing a book on hacks. This is a lot for even me to take in with a straight face.


This would be like if Bill Cosby was offering to teach courses on sexual assault. What’s that you say? Oh that’s an actual thing that is really happening. Well maybe best not to get into that one today…you know, trying to keep it light on Friday.

Seriously though, the irony from these libs is so rich that Rachel Maddow might have to get its tax returns.