There are so many highlights in this news segment I don’t even know where to begin.

My top 3?

1. The $750 birthday cake for Corrine Brown’s daughter.

2. The quote: “The cake, the food, the booze, and the band all paid for with donated money to the bogus nonprofit, the One Door for Education, year after year.”

3. The hilarious last tid bit about how Brown attempted to deduct time spent lobbying on behalf of this made-up charity on her taxes.

4. Corrine’s famous catchphrase, “Corrine delivers.” (I know I said top 3 but c’mon guys. This stuff is too good.)

This is the best local news package we’ve come across in a long time.


Good luck to Corrine Brown. Not sure if she’ll have access to ridiculously expensive birthday cake in jail, but I’ve heard good things about the meatloaf.