Hillary is hitting the press circuit this week and it is as awful as you’d imagine. The whining, the complaining, the explaining, the cackling, the pantsuit-wearing, the blame-shifting–well, you get my point.

And it should come as no surprise that the liberal media is throwing her plenty of softballs. But I think even the moonbats at NBC are getting sick of her victim schtick.

Which is probably why Matt Lauer committed a random act of journalism when he asked Mrs. Bill Clinton this question:

“Did you make enough mistakes yourself to lose the election without any of the other things you talk about?”

I bet her PR agent is sitting in the studio of the Today Show thinking to herself, For the love of God say yes. Take the blame. Make yourself slightly likable. Don’t come off like a complete delusional egomaniac. Hillary just answer yes.

But alas, Hillary can’t play ball if it means admitting to being the major and only factor in her historic loss.

So she answered like this…



  1. How on earth was it harder to run “as a woman” than as a man?? How on earth is that possible, especially since women are screaming how they are not only equal to men in EVERY way but now……stronger!! How could it possibly be harder for Hillary Clinton to run for President than anyone who had never run for political office before??? Does she even hear what she says???? Not only that but Hillary’s “run” consisted of her riding on a bus stopping for fifteen minutes at only places she felt like getting out of the bus at. Or plane. Remember when she visited the NH ice cream place? Wouldn’t even answer a question. Her idea of “hard campaigning” is laughable!