An American adviser to the Vatican claimed that Republican legislators “will face consequences later” for passing their tax cut bill, which he claimed “takes money from the poor to give to the rich.”

Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit priest recently named consultor to the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications, attacked the tax cut legislation, which is projected to benefit most taxpayers.

“The US will soon face the consequences of a #TaxBill that takes money from the poor to give to the rich,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Those who voted for it will face consequences later, when they are judged. Do you think Jesus’s words about being judged on how we care for the poor don’t apply? Think again.”

Pope Francis named Fr. Martin, who is controversial within Catholic circles for his stance on LGBT issues, to the advisory position last April.

The priest is known for his sharp critiques of President Trump and other Republican politicians. He once compared Trump’s treatment of immigrants to the way the Nazis treated Jews.

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  1. And you thought Martin was only capable of taking daffy Left positions when it came to perversion! No, he’s a standard in-the-tank Democrat on ALL issues. That’s why a leftist pope from South America dragged him into the Vatican bureaucracy.

  2. Re: James Martin:

    I AM the poor you dipshit, but unlike the welfare no goods that use resources and produce nothing, I work hard and pay taxes and end up with nothing, so pardon me if I could use the releif of a tax break. Something welfare recipients know nothing about, because they don’t pay taxes and they don’t work! Jesus was not in to deadbeats. God helps those who help themselves?? Hello!!??