When do you not call a gang of gun-toting illegal alien Dominican heroin dealers a gang of gun-toting illegal alien Dominican heroin dealers?

When you’re the uber-PC US attorney’s office in Boston.

This is the same prosecutors’ office that, when dealing with, say, a white male US citizen like Mayor Marty Walsh of Boston, leaks like a sieve. But when it comes to covering up for these fentanyl-dealing foreign nationals, omerta kicks in bigtime.

It’s going to take Donald Trump and his AG Jeff Sessions a long time to get the Obama stench out of the Justice Department, here and everywhere else.

Last month the DEA, the State Police and a number of local police departments did an excellent job in rounding up these vermin, who were peddling poison in at least three New England states.

It turns out that 10 of the 23 perps are illegal aliens. The US attorney’s office finally confirmed that fact yesterday afternoon, a month after their initial, very misleading press release which began:

“Twenty-three men and women involved in two drug trafficking operations….”

That first press release had not a single word about the fact that 10 of the arrestees, including the bosses, were illegals. In fact, the second paragraph specifically misidentified the origins of the two alleged kingpins:

“Fernando Rivera-Rodriguez, 31, of Boston and Fernando Hernandez, 42, of Providence RI….”

Actually, as the feds well knew, from their own DEA affidavit, Hernandez is not from Providence, but rather “from Bari, Dominican Republic, that he illegally entered the United States, that he used the alias Fernando HERNANDEZ and ‘Mora,’ and that he makes false claims that he was born in Puerto Rico in order to avoid deportation.”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Then there is the “Boston man.” As the DEA agent wrote of him, “I do not know his true identity… I believe Fernando Rivera-Rodriguez is a false identity.”

In other words, he is not a “Boston man.” He is an illegal alien.

A spokesman for the US attorney’s office defended the misleading Feb. 14 press release, saying “the immigration status of the defendants was (not)… definitively confirmed until after the arrests… We limited our press release to facts in the public record.”

Not buying that. They well knew who these Third World criminals were, or at least what they’re weren’t, which was American citizens. It wasn’t just the two kingpins that they had identified as illegal. It was all spelled out in their own affidavit.

In this sworn 93-page DEA statement, here’s the description of defendant Juan Morales by agent Carl Rideout: “The criminal history also variously lists his place of birth as the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Rhode Island.”

In Obama’s Justice Department, this makes him a Boston man.

Then there is Jose Negron. He has three other aliases and the DEA describes him as “a Hispanic whose true name is unknown.” Another “Boston man.”

Jose Narvarez-Arroyo was stopped by the Boston Police on Jan. 25 and “provided a Dominican Republic driver’s license.” You guessed it — the feds said Jose, who also goes by the name of Juan Manuel Serrano-Tejeda, is a Boston man.

By the way, one of the other illegal aliens, a female, “was released over the government’s objection and was released to in-patient drug treatment.”

An illegal alien drug dealer, not imprisoned, not deported, but released to a rehab center, on our dime, of course. Is this a great country or what? I wonder if her EBT card continues reloading while she’s drying out. Did Isis get to keep her Obamaphone with her?

Why is this important? Remember, two New England governors – Chris Sununu of New Hampshire and Paul LePage of Maine – have been roundly criticized for pointing out that the scourge of drugs here is largely being fueled by illegal-alien drug dealers from the Dominican Republic. For telling the truth, Sununu and LePage are denounced by the alt-left media.

(Our RINO governor, Charlie “Tall Deval” Baker, afraid of his own shadow, prefers to point the finger at scrip-writing physicians, like that great Oxy-prescribing American, Dr. Fathalla Mashali, who just pleaded guilty to fraud charges here. God forbid Tall Deval should actually speak the truth about the illegal aliens.)

Is it asking too much for the US attorney’s office to tell the truth about the scum they’re arresting?

Are you listening, Jeff Sessions?

Howie Carr is the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, in addition to several other Boston organized-crime books and two novels. He is the host of a New England-wide radio talk-show syndicated to more than 20 stations, and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.