Trump’s not a very good ‘existential threat’

Today is the Existential Threat’s 1,312th day in office.

Time flies when you are colluding with Russians, destroying the Earth’s climate and ruining the Post Office.

Say what you will about the commander-in-chief — he is definitely a busy man. And he keeps his enemies on their toes.

The media constantly waffles on how they would like you to see President Trump. They can’t seem to decide which version of Orange Man they want you to loathe.

Some days they talk about Trump like he’s Lex Luthor — he’s plotting, colluding and scheming to take over the world.

Other days, they mock him as an ineffective and feeble fool: He is incapable of drinking a glass of water! Look now! He can’t walk down a ramp!

But the media and the Democrats are sure about one thing: Whichever Trump is, genius or nincompoop, he is pure evil.

At the Democratic National Convention this week, presidential hopeful Joe Biden said that Trump has “cloaked America in darkness.” Others called the president an “existential threat.”

Such poetic imagery!

Biden’s depiction of Trump fit perfectly with the DNC’s overarching theme last week: Orange Man Bad.

First, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris told the country, “Donald Trump’s failure of leadership has cost lives and livelihoods.”

Later, former President Barack Obama echoed this message, “I did hope, for the sake of our country, that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously; that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care.”

For the devoutly Trump-deranged, like Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, these canned sentences never get old.

For the rest of the country, though, these sermons about the “fate of our country” and the “soul of our democracy” are as routine as our morning cup of joe. It’s not only that Americans heard this same dreary tune in 2016 — it’s that we’ve heard it every single day since.

The anti-Trump diatribes have played on repeat like a bad Maroon 5 song. You know all the words — they elicit an eye roll and a subsequent groan.

Trump has been an “imminent” threat for almost four years.

C’mon man, hurry up.

The pundits have told us repeatedly that he wants to be a dictator. He has been compared to Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein.

Yet the authoritarian’s first term is almost over and not one news network has been taken off the air.

The president is so bad at being a tyrant that he hasn’t even thrown any journalists in prison. At least Obama had a journalist spied on. What is despot Trump waiting for?

The president has been “unhinged” since his inauguration day, but we haven’t entered any new wars over the last four years.

The truth is that all of the left’s doomsday forecasts were hyperbole. But what else is new?

After all, in politics, empty threats are as common as lame slogans and broken promises.

Biden is hardly the first candidate to tell voters they need to pick him over his opponent or else the world will end.

After all, Trump’s original opponent did the same thing. But Hillary Clinton had an advantage that Biden doesn’t have — she was able to play on the public’s fear of the unknown.

The Boston Globe ran an entire apocalyptic front cover to showcase what might happen should Trump become president.

Even Trump’s most loyal supporters didn’t know if he was truly capable of handling the pressure of the presidency.

No one knew what the reality-TV-star-turned-politician would do once he got the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

But now, for better or for worse, we’ve seen him in action.

There are some people who will assess the last four years and decide they don’t want more of Trump trying to Make America Great Again in the White House.

Plenty of swing voters probably have severe cases of Trump-fatigue.

But Biden’s camp isn’t going to win in November by merely painting Trump as the devil.

The expression goes, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

And love him or loathe him — America knows Donald Trump. The media has made sure of that.

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