Have you read enough sob stories about “Dreamers” yet?

Amazing, isn’t it, that the United States was somehow able not only to survive but also to prosper and thrive for almost 200 years before the massive invasion by the Third World began after Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

How did we get along with all these wonderful illegal aliens who are, after all, only committing the crimes Americans can’t be bothered committing anymore?

We’ve already discussed the welfare dependency of most Dreamers (according to a Harvard study), not to mention their criminal tendencies – more than 2100 have been charged with serious felonies.

So this morning let’s consider how the overall illegal-alien “community” is conducting itself in what was once a civilized First World country.

What follows are recent press releases from the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston. I use the Boston DOJ because they have been under orders lately from the Trump administration to stop covering up the illegal-immigration status of so many of the perps.

The fact is, illegals commit a disproportionate percentage of crime compared to their percentage of the population. But local prosecutors are loath to report these Politically Incorrect facts, lest the alt-left media accuse them of nativism, xenophobia, racism, etc.

Remember, what follows are just federal pinches and convictions, and only in eastern Massachusetts. I’m not even including the illegals pleading out for just being in the country illegally, because I don’t have nearly enough space.

Now, to the illegals’ dreams – and our nightmares:

A week ago today, in US District Court, “Dominican national pleads guilty to cocaine charge,” “Chinese national sentenced for fraudulently obtaining a student visa” and “Liberian national charged with assaulting deportation officer.”

Do you suppose Juan Manuel Tejeda-Serrano, Xiaomeng Cheng and Mohammed Kenneh had “dreams” – dreams of getting away with their crimes against law-abiding taxpayers?

Next, “Brazilian National Charged with ATM Skimming.” This one involves an illegal stealing over $6,000 from Americans’ bank accounts. Those stupid gringos – they dreamed they wouldn’t be ripped by off by an illegal alien.

On Aug. 17, “Dominican National Sentenced for Distributing Heroin.”

On Aug. 8, “Dominican National Sentenced for Passport Fraud and Identity Theft.”

Next we come to Aug. 4, a day of multiple celebrations of diversity at the federal courthouse.

First, “Dominican National Sentenced for Fraud and Identity Theft Offenses.” That would be one Carlos Morillo, whom “investigators identified as the person responsible after he was arrested on drug charges in 2012.”

Next, “Dominical National Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Heroin.”

And finally, “Colombian National Sentenced for Drug, Immigration Offenses/ Defendant previously deported four times.”

The previous day, Aug. 3, we see, “Honduran National Sentenced for Being an Alien in Possession of a Firearm.” Senor Jamir Chicas-Hernandez, age 23, is a gangbanger in the 18th Street gang.

August 2: “MS-13 Member Sentenced for Assaulting 18th Street Gang Members.” This dreamer was from El Salvador.

July 28: “Dominican National Sentenced for Heroin and Fentanyl Trafficking.”

July 27: “MS-13 Member Sentenced for RICO Conspiracy Involving Cocaine Trafficking.” Another young dreamer from El Salvador. He was arrested with a loaded .45, more than 70 rounds of ammo and “two altered Social Security cards.” Hmmm, wonder if he ever dreamed of taking those Social Security cards down to the welfare office. Everything free in America!

July 27: “Dominican National Pleads Guilty to Distributing Heroin.”

July 26: “MS-13 Member Sentenced to Prison for RICO Conspiracy.” Another Honduran.

How come you haven’t heard or read anything in the news about these illegal aliens – aren’t they “dreamers” too, in their own very special ways? I could also mention the Dominican busted in Lawrence Sunday night driving without a license – a valid license, anyway.

Here’s a headline from the Patriot Ledger a couple of weeks ago: “Weymouth murder suspect had been deported in 2012.” A Jamaican drug dealer and identity thief named Kerrol Florizel Bailey.

Yesterday the local “dreamers,” all of whom supposedly have jobs, were able to get time off during business hours for yet another rally demanding that they be allowed to continue thumbing their noses at American law.

Meanwhile, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh took part in a Democrat press conference talking about their great, uh, contributions, to something or other. Marty didn’t mention that hours earlier, his own BPD had lugged a 20-year-old dreamer in Allston for a murder in New Jersey last month, as well as for “a series of assaults” in Brighton.

Too bad Francisco Carlos Ramires, a/k/a Carlos Campos-Cutone, couldn’t have made it to City Hall, where Mahhhty offers sanctuary to all “dreamers.”

Their dreams, our nightmares.

Howie Carr is the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, in addition to several other Boston organized-crime books and two novels. He is the host of a New England-wide radio talk-show syndicated to more than 20 stations, and is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame in Chicago.