This is your FBI.

Whatever happened to Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity at the FBI?

Whatever happened to… whistleblowers?

It’s both amazing and disheartening that God-only-knows how many G-men have watched in silence at this on-going attempted coup by Democrats against the duly elected president of the United States and his people.

And yet have said absolutely nothing. Nobody blew the whistle on the biggest scandal in US political history.

The feds dummied up – 100 percent of them. Perhaps because Obama fired whistleblowers. Maybe these crooked cops thought Obama’s debased Third World regime was still calling the shots, gleefully ordering up unending assaults on the civil liberties of American citizens, if not illegal aliens.

Perhaps the G-men weren’t crooked, they were just cowed.

C’mon down, FBI agent William Barnett, who was assigned to not one but two of the attempted Democrat coups, Operation Crossfire Hurricane, with its subsidiary dirty-tricks operation against Gen. Michael Flynn, Crossfire Razor.

And later, with some trepidation, he accepted an assignment to the Special Counsel’s Office (SCO), which was Robert Mueller’s “Get TRUMP” operation, as Barnett described it.

Barrett was interviewed Sept. 17 by the US attorney for the eastern district of Missouri, Jeffrey Jensen, an ex-FBI agent who is now in charge of straightening out the Flynn frame up for AG Bill Barr.

The interview — called in FBI parlance a 302 – is appalling. But what’s even more disturbing is that it took more than three years to get this G-man to spill the beans. And it’s also distressing that the mass media’s Democrat stenographers with press passes are giving this real “bombshell” such a good leaving-alone.

The 13-page document was introduced as evidence in Gen. Flynn’s ongoing high-tech lynching.

I’m just going to quote from it at length, with my comments serving as transitions.

“BARNETT thought the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was ‘opaque,’ with little detail concerning specific evidence of criminal events. BARNETT thought the case theory was ‘supposition upon supposition.’”

The goal: get TRUMP!

“Barnett thought the predication in the RAZOR investigation was ‘not great.’ One fact used for predication was a speech that Flynn gave in Russia several years prior. BARNETT believed the speech may have been ill-advised but not illegal.”

The machinations of these corrupt Democrat apparatchiks could be described as Orwellian, or maybe Kafkaesque. Take your pick. One of their biggest tinfoil conspiracy theories was that Flynn was having an affair with a young Russian woman whom he had met at a university conference in the UK.

She was Russian, ergo, she must be a spy! These FBI idiots made Maxwell Smart look like James Bond.

This information about Flynn’s “affair” was picked up during the Deep State’s attempted frame up of yet another Trump associate, Carter Page.

“The source reported that during an event (redacted) 2014 FLYNN unexpectedly left the event (redacted). The source alleged FLYNN was not accompanied by anyone other (redacted). BARNETT believed the information concerning (redacted) potentially significant and something that could be investigated.”

But there was a bit of a problem. Like everything else in Obamagate, it was all fake news.

“However, Intelligence Analysts did not locate information to corroborate this reporting concerning (redacted) FLYNN, including inquiries with other foreign intelligence agencies. BARNETT found the idea FLYNN could leave an event, either by himself or (redacted) without the matter being noted as not plausible.

“With nothing to corroborate the story, BARNETT thought the information was not accurate.”

But the fact that there wasn’t a scintilla of truth to the scurrilous, second-hand hearsay didn’t stop the rabid Hillary Clinton worshipers in the FBI from leaking it to the alt-left media. The innocent Russian woman’s reputation was destroyed, her life was left in shambles by a rumor that the corrupt cops knew was totally bogus.

But so what? It was just one more lie in the RAZOR investigation of the three-star general that could perhaps be used to get TRUMP!

Some of the names of the “analysts” are redacted in the Barnett 302. At least some of the “analysts” were nothing more than rabid Democrat partisans, crooked, corrupt cops. Others knew that it was just a Democrat smear operation to put innocent Americans, Trump supporters, in prison.

“(Analyst 1) believed the investigation was an exercise in futility. BARNETT did not understand the point of the investigation… (Analyst 3) was convinced there was a criminal violation concerning FLYNN. (Analyst 3) was referred to by some, including BARNETT and (Analyst 1), as ‘a believer’ due to his conviction FLYNN was involved in illegal activity.”

In early January, a meeting was held in the Oval Office involving Obama, Biden and some of their crooked lackeys, bum-kissers, lickspittles and rump swabs. According to the notes taken by fired FBI lovebird Peter Strzok (who learned his corruption in the infamous Boston office), Biden suggested using the Logan Act to frame Flynn. In more than 200 years, the Logan Act has never resulted in a conviction. It’s widely believed to be unconstitutional.

But once Dementia Joe snapped his fingers, the crooked FBI went to work.

“BARNETT was told there was a potential LOGAN ACT violation. BARNETT was not familiar with the LOGAN ACT and had to research the matter. BARNETT did not see a potential LOGAN ACT violation as major issue concerning the RAZOR investigation. BARNETT did not see the LOGAN ACT as a serious stand-alone charge.”

Who was running the frame up?

“BARNETT believed Andrew McCabe (MCCABE)was directing the RAZOR investigation.”

Andrew McCabe, you may recall, was fired from the FBI after lying under oath four times to cops from the Inspector General’s office. His wife had just run for the Virginia state Senate, unsuccessfully, with $700,000 in money raised by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, a former Clinton “bundler.”

Before assuming command of the Democrats’ attempted sabotaging of President Trump, McCabe had broomed what would have been an obvious slam dunk prosecution of espionage charges against Russian collaborator Hillary Clinton and her top aides

Those Hillary hacks, by the way, were represented by the wife of David Gregory, the bust-out NBC “newsman” who was picked up on waivers by CNN.

After he was fired from the FBI for his systemic corruption, McCabe was hired by… CNN.

“BARNETT still did not see any evidence of collusion between the TRUMP campaign and the Russian Government. BARNETT was willing to follow instructions being given by the Deputy Director (McCabe) as long it was not a violation of law.”

Very high standards these days in the FBI. As long as it’s not against the law….

Inspector Lew Erskine would be appalled.

Soon Barnett was transferred, reluctantly, to Robert Mueller’s SCO witch hunt. Barnett was brought in to brief a new prosecutor, or was it persecutor – Jeannie Rhee, a bigtime Democrat donor and former lawyer for both Crooked Hillary Clinton and Ben Rhodes, the failed short-story writer and bus driver for Obama whose brother was running the rabidly anti-Trump CBS “News” department.

Barnett informed the Democrat operative Rhee that there was “no evidence of a crime” in the Flynn investigation. But Rhee insisted on a scalp, a Trump scalp.

“RHEE wanted to ‘drill down’ on the fees FLYNN was paid for a speech FLYNN gave in Russia. BARNETT explained logical reasons for the amount of the fee, but RHEE seemed to dismiss BARNETT’s assessment. BARNETT thought RHEE was obsessed with FLYNN and Russia and she had an agenda. RHEE told BARNETT she looked forward to working together. BARNETT told RHEE they would not be working together.”

Good for Barnett. He told his interrogators that he decided to keep working with the angry Democrats to “keep them from ‘group think.’” Good luck with that one. Here he describes the rabid, lynch-mob mentality of these woke warriors in the SCO, all of them Democrat contributors.

“BARNETT described the SCO situation as upside down with attorneys drafting search warrants and getting agents to simply act as affiants. BARNETT thought there was a ‘get TRUMP’ attitude by some in the SCO.

“BARNETT said the ‘get TRUMP’ attitude was exhibited in two ways. BARNETT referred to incidents involving TRUMP which were taken in the most negative manner, or in some cases misinterpreted. As an example, BARNETT described a comment made by TRUMP in that investigators needed to ‘get to the bottom’ of a mater. One of the SCO attorneys said TRUMP wanted to ‘cover it up.’ BARNETT corrected him, saying, ‘No, he said to get to the bottom of it…’”

“BARNETT said the second way the ‘get TRUMP’ attitude was exhibited at SCO was what BARNETT referred to as Mueller’s ‘all stars,’ which was a term used in news articles describing the SCO. All the attorneys wanted to be part of something ‘big,’ a successful prosecution.

“BARNETT said it was not necessarily ‘get TRUMP’ but more the conviction there was ‘something criminal there’ and a competition as to which attorney was going to find it. There was a lack of letting the evidence lead the investigation and more the attitude of ‘the evidence is there we just have to find it.”

As Stalin’s KGB secret-police chief used to say, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

As time went on, the angry Democrats’ rabid fantasies continued to escalate.

“BARNETT said it was just an assumption, just ‘astro projection,’ and ‘the ground just kept being retreaded.’ BARNETT said it seems there was always someone at SCO who claimed to have a lead on information that would prove the collusion only to have the information be a dead end. BARNETT provided an example: (the guy who was really running the investigation for the doddering Mueller, Andrew) WEISSMAN said there was a meeting on a yacht near Greece that was going to be in the proof of collusion, ‘quid pro quo.’ BARNETT said within a day or two the information was not substantiated.”

Barnett described the utterly lawless SCO as “a very unique environment for him.” Think of it as Stasi on the Potomac.

“At the SCO, BARNETT believed the investigators were looked at as a ‘speed bump’ to the attorneys who were leading the investigation.”

Investigation? What it was was a lynch mob, a Democrat lynch mob.

“BARNETT and others joked about how the investigation into collusion could be made into a game, which they referred to as ‘Collusion Clue.’ In the hypothetical game, investigators are able to choose any character conducting any activity, in any location, an pair this individual with another character an interpret it as evidence of collusion… BARNETT believed the prosecution of FLYNN by SCO was used as a means to ‘get TRUMP.’”

This is your FBI. This is not your father’s Democrat party. This is banana republic stuff. This is an attempted coup by the Democrats’ corrupt-to-the-core secret police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


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